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A Sampling of Restaurant Week 2014

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Every year I do a post on Restaurant Week whether I go with friends or coworkers however this year is a little different. The organizers of Restaurant Week reached out several lifestyle bloggers and brought us on a tour of the Restaurant Week experience to be had this year. This was a special treat, a night of wine, great food and chatter with friends. Always great to link up with my favourite fellow bloggers.

Restaurant Week Blogger Bus 2014

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Wishlist Wednesday: Two Toned Ankle Strap Peep Toes

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Oooooooh I love these shoooooooes. That feeling you get when you see a sexy pair, can it be likened to anything else? This feeling is just in a land of its own. Its own ozone. Look at these shoes!

Screenshot 2014-11-17 at 1.11.56 PM

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What is Oil Pulling and is it beneficial?

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I used to do a Sunday roundup of my best Loop articles here on the blog but I’m finding that the more I write, the more quality articles are being missed here on the blog that I feel could do well all on their own so from time to time you’ll see me share those posts here. This is one of those posts. I’ve tried oil pulling myself and find that I just haven’t kept up with the practice to report much results. It is a bit cumbersome to swish around oil in your mouth for 20 minutes each morning. The potential benefits are great however so soon enough I will challenge myself to give it a good go. For now, here’s what’s reported around the web.


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Christmas Trend: Sequin is IN!

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Sequins are always in for the holiday season, I don’t think that will ever change. Nothing spells glamour and sparkle quite like a fab sequinned piece. What changes from year to year are the cuts and shapes, so update your Christmas wardrobe with a few of these pieces! But first… lemme take a selfie

Boxy Sequinned Top

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The skinny on using birth control to cancel your period

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Most of us do this all the while, pop BC to get rid of the pesky red wave to suit our schedules. Do you have any idea how safe it is or what method to use? I asked my twitter friend @drelliotobgyn to weigh in on the subject. You can see a snippet of thearticle below and click through to Loop to read the rest. 

irth Control to Stop Period
Women have been using birth control pills to change the schedule of their menstrual cycles or eliminate it completely for ages, but how safe is it to do so?

Dr. Mandi Elliot, Gynaecologist and OBGYN at Gynae Associates in Tangerine Place, Kingston weighs in on the subject.

“There is no medical reason for a woman to see her menses every month. The main purpose of the menstrual cycle is reproduction so if you’re on the pill there’s really no reason (other than psychological) to have a period,” she said.

However, not every birth control pill can be taken continuously to suppress menstruation.

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Kabaka Pyramid on Unity, Touring, Chik V and Ebola

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IrieDiva and Kabaka Pyramid

I had the pleasure of sitting with Kabaka Pyramid recently and chatting about everything from living the vegan life while on tour, his hip-hop days in high school, his decision to become Rastafarian and his recent bout with the chikungunya virus. It was a blast and he surely turned me into a fan. His recent performance at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records where he shared the stage with Protoje, Jesse Royal, I-Wayne, Chronixx and countless other “new wave” reggae artistes was an awesomely good time.

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Tips for Natural Hair Moisture Retention for those with Longer Hair

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Tips for Moisture Retention On Longer

After having a conversation with a naturalista who’s been one ever since I can remember, I realised that some things that we all think are common practice among us all really aren’t and are worth mentioning every now and then to remind us “old foots” and to teach those new to the journey. I’m not yet an old foot as this is my first time travelling the natural hair route since childhood and so with each stage of growth, a new set of challenges arise that need to be addressed. Keeping my hair moisturised all week long is certainly one of them, so let’s discuss some ways to keep your long natural hair moisturised.

Me with a twistout after wearing my hair in twists all week.

Me with a twistout after wearing my hair in twists all week.

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