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OOTD: Just a lil fancy

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It’s not often that this island girl gets the opportunity to dress up in her finest heels and frock. So much so that I bought this dress about 6 months ago as a back-up for my Randy Fenoli event and it no longer fits how it should (more on that in a later post) and so I had to think quick to do some adjustments. I only knew about this event for about two months, but of course, waited until the night before to try it on. It was much too tight in the chest area and so what should have been a tube-dress with straps that X in the front, became a strapless dress with a mesh overlay. IrieDiva Fancy

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Kyu Melange Trunk Show

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You’re invited! Come on out and grab you some fab pieces from a Jamaican fashion designer and her partner from Turkey. See a few pieces from them in my CFW Night One Rundown post from 2013 here.

Kyu Melange Trunk Show

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Thomson Cruises to Set Sail from Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Are you a cruise vacation type of person? Ever wanted to sail the seas visiting different countries in a week on a luxury ship tricked out with the flyest amenities? It’s my kind of vacation and has been on my t0-do list forever. A big drawback for me not yet accomplishing this goal is the fact that us Jamaicans must factor in airfare to get to a port. If I have to fly to Miami first, I may as well stay and vacation in Miami. Thomson Cruises has now changed this for us. There will finally be a cruise line setting sail from Jamaica, cutting out the need to fly to another port first. Isn’t that awesome? The first cruise sets sail in December so we all have ample time to plan. Let’s see what our options are.

Cuban Fusion

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IrieDiva’s Oscar 2014 Fashion Hits and Misses

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It’s been a while since I did a post of this nature but so many of the dresses made me want to comment that I just had to fire up the computer and jot down a few words. I have to start off with Lupita Nyong’o, she’s at the tip of everyone’s tongue now and was absolutely stunning, the belle of the ball indeed. It makes me hope that she continues to rise in her field as all this buzz is surely a grand entrance!

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Take the time to organize great Mother’s Day events!

Mother’s Day in Jamaica isn’t for a couple of months, but in the U.K., families are gearing up for their version of the holiday, Mothering Sunday. Dads and their kids are preparing crafts and buying flowers to give to Mom on the holiday, and many of the families in Jamaica are sure to fall under the same traditions once Mother’s Day rolls along.


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OOTD: Comfortably Corporate

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Hooray for cotton workwear that ain’t gotta be ironed! I stumbled upon some cheapie dresses on Amazon allaway from China that are slowly filling the gap Target left me with since I can’t order from them online and send to my freight forwarder. These China dresses all have bad reviews because people don’t like to read. They’re from China, which means they’re made for tiny people. They’re also averaging $15 a pop which means it ain’t got be Versace quality. Come on now. Order a size or two up and you have the perfect dress to take you through the season, maybe even more. This is my second dress and second blazer from the line and my cart is currently full of em

Corporate Wear

Here’s the link for the dress and here’s the link for the jacket. The shoes are from Payless and the bag Forever21. Cheapie outfit, million dollar smile.

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The delicious art of Food Photography

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Once in a while I get myself into staring for hours at food photographs on Tumblr, Facebook or other networks. There is something powerful about the food photography that makes us think that we are hungry when we are not. It may be a photo taken by the fanciest New York advertising photographer for an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, or it may be just a picture of gummy bears, some girl posted on Instagram. It is always the beauty of food that makes the menus in restaurants more colorful and the client craving for the taste of what he sees.


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