How much do you spend on clothes?

I came across a store yesterday showing some of their stuff on facebook. Some of the dresses were really cute, but I feel like I could make some of them myself, which means I wasn’t really inclined to spend JA$6000 on it. Thats about US$67 and now that I’ve done the conversion…they must be out there cotton-pickin mind! It was a normal babydoll style dress of a jersey material, with a few jewels strategically placed to bring up the style and the price point obviously. A dress has to be well tailored for me to spend that much cash. I’m not a label-lover really, fit and style comes first. If it was a handmade piece by a local designer then fine but not a mass production spaghetti strapped babydoll dress?

Am I cheap? Is this a normal price point now and are you comfortable with forking down $6g for one dress? Lemme know! (and tell me where you work too so I can apply) But on the real, how much would you pay for the two dresses below? Im tryin gto figure out whats now the reasonable price point in Jamaica.

how much

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5 thoughts on “How much do you spend on clothes?

  1. Happy to see you back in action Irie Diva!!! Kisses to the Munchkin.

    All my moola goes into my business at the current moment…but pretending that I did have some discretionary spending available, there's no way in hell i'm paying more than $2,500 to $3K for dresses that look like they could be had for US$15 at Forever 21!

  2. Cosign Fern!!

    I would say J$1800-$2000 for the blue and gray and $2500-$3000 for the pink and black number.

    Those dresses look like they came straight off the Wet Seal or Forever21 racks.

  3. I'm with you on not being a huge fan of labels. Fit and style, yes! There was a time when I went to the dressmaker/tailor a lot, but I haven't been doing that much in recent times. I think I need to go that route again. Prices for clothing in JA are way too unreasonable.

    The one on the left looks like it would cost more than the other.

  4. I totally agree with Diva and all the comments above… I swear these people gonna make me go back to making my own clothes cuz the prices are just ridiculous! I've never been a fan of labels and with the way the economy is going I guess I never will… all that matters is that I look good and feel comfy… who cares who made it?!

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