Jumpsuit FAIL Rihanna! But here’s a cute romper!

So I’ve been making my case for rompers and quite a few people said they were cute, another handful said no maam IrieDiva! Well I found another irie blogger who shares my fashion passion and she put up a pic of herself in this ultra CUTE romper she found on ebay. What a find right?

How cute and party worthy! Great heels to match…those are silver…right? They look gold in the pic…

Anyhoo I think this is very cute.
Rihanna on the other hand….girl go to jail do not pass go do not collect $200! I got so excited when I saw this pic because it was a preview from the waist up.I thought to myself oo cute dress! Then I clicked on the pic and saw:

I guess….

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8 thoughts on “Jumpsuit FAIL Rihanna! But here’s a cute romper!

  1. maybe if the pants had been a little shorter. . .and she had worn it with strappy low sandals. . ? No. It's the polka dots. . . maybe there are too many colors.

  2. That "Ronald McDonald" red hair needs to go. Not a good look on Rhi Rhi. The polka dot jumpsuit….. No words.

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