Jamaican model Oraine Barrett gets shot by Rihanna #mandown

As we’re here getting ready for the excitement of Caribbean Fashion Week, Pulse Model’s own Oraine Barrett has turned up as the #mandown in Rihanna’s new video shot in the beautiful parish of Portland, Jamaica.

In the video, she touches on the sensitive topic of rape and the scene is something chilling…Oraine did an amazing job next to Rihanna.

The river scenes show why Portland may just be my favourite parish. The last time I went river rafting on the Rio Grande, I was but a child but this video is reminding me that I should be taking advantage of the paradise that is my own little island getaway!

The video is below…Enjoy! 

Oraine Barrett at CFW

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11 thoughts on “Jamaican model Oraine Barrett gets shot by Rihanna #mandown

  1. i like this vids its not as superficial as most of her other vids and Jamaica looks authentic and beautiful… RiRi walking from the shop in long red hair and heels and green socks…not so much…

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