Best of Caribbean Fashion Week pt 2

Design by Ashley Martin

I gave you my favourite runway pieces from night 1 and 2 in this post and for night I’ve decided to do a video blog! If you’ve been with me for a while then you remembered me dabbling in video blogging way back when I did a mash up for Sex and the City 2. I’ve wanted to continue vlogging since then but always thought I should do up my make up, get my hair did and get some better lighting and equipment. Then today I was like, really Mo? Its just a blog not Prime Time news…soooooo hear ya go! I’m really looking forward to doing more videos on various topics so please let me know your thoughts.

I still want to do a post on some of the booths I visited at CFW and some of the audience fashions, then of course there’s the whole question of what I ended up wearing. I’ll get around to that soon but I wanted to make sure you got a taste of the runways.

The video is below, enjoy! And please leave comments. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Best of Caribbean Fashion Week pt 2

  1. I liked the video. You are comfortable on camera so please do more. Cool review.

    That model is the ‘walk and whine girl’ – she walks like that for every piece. I liked the collections.

    1. thanks love simple ol windows movie maker! i guess as i become more experienced with the video stuff i’ll see what the experts are using but this is super easy for beginners like me

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