Online shopping: My Paypal and Charlotte Russe horror story

It’s been 10 days since I placed an order on Charlotte Russe’s website. I’ve never regretted an online purchase so much. And I’ve bought items from Ebay ok! Lets back track. In this post on, I speak about needing a dress that is too small for me so that I can track my weight loss progress. I love Charlotte Russe, I buy shoes there whenever I go overseas. I’ve never though to shop with them online because I long knew that they didn’t accept international credit cards (i.e. cards with a billing address originating outside of the US) plus I’ve never known them to offer sizes outside of XS, S, M, L. I still browse the website occasionally while fulling up my eye anyway, I like to see whats new yes? So imagine my surprise when I decided to check out their website recently to see XL as an option! I was ecstatic because I figure I could pick up a few XL dresses to wear now and then get a large to work towards.

I selected amongst others, these dresses, which I still love. They’re both ruched which means they will hide pouches and flaws until I get everything right! So I wouldn’t have to be scared to wear them once I fit into a size large.

I was so excited! Its been a while since I wore anything with this kind of silhouette but having lost 13 pounds thus far I got excited to get new clothes and be confident that I’d look great in them, with maybe the help of some spanx 😀

Imagine my horror to wake the next morning and see this email in my inbox:

Of course I would have to make the international call to their poor excuse for a call center to find out why. Now, I ordered stuff from Forever 21 just the month before and they cancelled my first order as well. I was bummed about it because when I re-ordered some of the things I wanted were now sold out in my size, but at least they hadn’t charged my card before they cancelled my order, so I could have fixed the error and place the order again. Turns out that the billing address I used for that first cancelled order was not the exact same as my card.

This time around I used paypal with Charlotte Russe because whenever it is an option, I use it. Seeing Paypal on Charlotte Russe’s website automatically meant to me that they must accept intl cards now since it would protect that from whatever they are scared of by still not accepting these cards in this day and age right? Plus I checked their payment options just to make sure. After receiving this email I called Charlotte Russe who says that my billing address was not accepted by them, but they have somehow still managed to charge my paypal. Does it say on their website that they do not accept overseas transactions? Of course not.

I used a Visa card that was linked to my Paypal, both listed as accepted forms of payment above. In bold they of course state that the billing address must match that of the card. I used my intl address as I have it linked to my paypal. The customer service rep sensed I was about to get real Jamaican on his ass and said “hey I just work here, I’m sorry about that, yeah they really should have this info on the website” I just hung up my damn phone. I waited 24 hours and called back, the rep said it normally takes 3 – 4 business days for the transaction to be credited back to my card.

I contacted Paypal who said that Charlotte Russe still hasn’t cancelled the transaction. Charlotte Russe says they have and I should contact my bank. My bank made me write up a complaint form for them to do their investigations and the clerk, when asked how long it would take, said “thats a good question, maybe two weeks maybe a month.”


Customer service at its finest. Where is my money? 10 days later its still sitting in paypal’s pending transactions section and no one can tell me when I’ll get back my money, meanwhile someone somewhere is rinsing it for whatever interest can be generated off $67 freaking dollars. The Paypal screen shot:

Do you see the expiration date on this order? Is that how long I will have to wait for my refund? What happens after then? It would have been a month and a half by then. In this technological age that is too damn long. I have proof that my order was cancelled yet not one of the three institutions can give me back my money??? Poor. Charlotte Russe is poor and I place all the blame squarely on their shoulders. How can a company not accept intl cards in this day and age? Now where more and more retailers offer intl shipping you still don’t even accept paypal transactions outside the US? Fine that’s your choice but you need to disclose that under your payment options!!!

I didn’t even ask you to ship it to Jamaica. Global Courier provides excellent services for me from Miami, all I wanted was my stinking dress and a pair of green pumps that have now sold out in my size anyway. Will I ever shop at Charlotte Russe again? Only if they send me my damn dress free. And I can use my card without having to go thru Paypal because as of now I see them as part of the problem. After making numerous attempts at calling Charlotte Russe and even doing their stinking customer service surveys no one can correct my issue or tell me WHEN, at least tell me when I’ll get my money back or why its taking so long. Give me a freaking break.

If the fact that I used my international address is the issue, I can accept responsibility for that. That was Forever 21’s issue why they cancelled my first order and you didn’t see me make a fuss. I simply used my Jamaican address and kept it moving, still placed my order and everything. Forever 21 didn’t charge my card first then change their mind. Let me head on over to them and find me a progress dress, Charlotte Russe can kiss my ass.

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24 thoughts on “Online shopping: My Paypal and Charlotte Russe horror story

      1. if it’s routed to somewhere else u can demand to speak to someone in the USA and u will also get different results…

  1. Girlchild, me feel it fi yuh! I can understand your drama, I had a similar debacle with Paypal – tho it was transfer between two accounts and they charged me twice even tho I’d cancelled the first request. I put the blame squarely on the fault of Russe, and whilst you may have a helluva time legally, if you want create ruckus for their misinformation, go head, you’d be quite in the right.

  2. hey girl,

    what bank is this? If it’s NCB they can cancel the authorization for you. Ur Credit card issuer can help u with this situation and it doesn’t take long… if it’s still in auth mode they can drop it, if debited to ur card, ur bank can do a charge-back… don’t let this stress u, this is a simple fix that ur bank should be able to fix…

      1. what bank? the branches most times don’t know much about credit card processes. If they have a card center, fraud department and sometimes a call center that will just take a phone call.Paypal should also be able to act on ur behalf. If and when u call Russe escalate the call and tell them u wanna speak to management and u are gonna get the attorney general involved. Trust me ur issue will get resolved in a few hours…

  3. Well that sucks! I had a similar case last month with and my order got cancelled 3 times so of course i just go to amazon find the same dam laptop for lower price. Bun dem!

  4. firstly, i have purchased from charlotte russe online with no issues…i probably used the international address on my card, don’t remember, but everything was quite fine, until i shipped the stuff here and quickmail hit me with the duty (a whole other story).

    Newhoo, getting back your money should be a function of your credit card company (maybe the paypal intermediary affects things though, not sure!) BUT, i had that issue once when trying to purchase computer parts, i was gonna buy everything and build myself..i was in the states for two weeks, so i ordered while up there, only for the transaction to be rejected AFTER my card was charged, because they don’t take international cards (of course, this was listed nowhere on the site). I called the credit card customer service in Ja, and they gave me the same story that you got bout 90 days ..crap crap bullshit bullshit…and this was more like USD600. So remember now i am calling from the states with mi likkle t-mobile pay as you go sim, i prolly spent USD50 in phone cards….but i called and complained and cussed (and begged and pleaded etc etc), the charge was removed in 3 days and i was able to walk in to best buy and purchase the powerful workhorse that i’m typing from now :-). I have to say bigup FIRST GLOBAL though, i have put those peeps through some real issues and they always come through for me!!!

    yeah…sorry for the blog length type post…:-))

    1. I bank with first global too I just really wish they had an atm. This is fcib I’m talking about here and their visa debit card that’s linked straight to my bank account so I don’t know if that’s part of the problem. I’m gonna do some more calling tomoro

  5. you need to send this story to all media outlets you can find, put it on twitter, shame them into refunding your money.
    And if there are places out there that review websites, you might want to post there also. . . like ripoff report or something
    The sooner they feel the heat, the sooner they will refund your money.
    I do customer service and it takes me about five minutes to go across the room to the terminal, refund the sum and settle the transaction.
    And we take international cards thank you very much. For such a large company there’s no reason they can’t work out an international policy and post it clearly at the very least.

    1. they jus emailed me acknowledging that i posted this link on their facebook wall. i’m about to post that email in a follow up post, ima blast my bank this time.

  6. I’ve had a similar expierence when ordering vitamins and other supplements online. However – I totally understood why my order was cancelled – the card was issued by a bank in Jamaica, with a Miami shipping address and I was shipping to the goods to where I was staying in NY. On the face of it all, it looked like a scam and sad as it may seem – while things can be done in a short amount of time – they do have to (I imagine they’ve had bad experiences) take their time when refunding the money. This took me about 2 days to get my money refunded to the card

    I’m not sure which bank your VISA is with – but most do offer the option to add a US address to it – which would at least solve one problem. You can use the address that your overseas courier provides you.

    Additionally, I’m not sure what all the runaround is for – whenever chargebacks are to be done – thats solely between the retailer and the financial institution; the bank usually asks you to complete a form when there is a fraudulent transaction on the account. Charlotte Russe needs to contact your fin. inst. OR Paypal and instruct them to refund the money to ‘x’ account.

    1. on hold with first caribbean as we speak. they offered to put my us mailing address as my secondary billing address but said all mail they send me would go to that address…….how sensible is that. struups. this all happened on july 17th and i provided them with proof of cancellation on july 22 and aallllll now mi caah get back mi money.

  7. Why would all mail go to your SECONDARY address? Dem lick dem head? They have a new definition of secondary?

  8. Hey mama, did you open a dispute with paypal? I heard that if Charlotte Russe doesn’t refund the money you can take it up with paypal and they will investigate on your behalf and refund the account within 4days to 2 weeks and they will refund your cash and sweat Charlotte Russe for the cash. I heard its in the “Paypal Dispute clause”. So check it out and let me know k.

    No lie thou, those dresses wudda been hot. I feel it for you.

  9. charlotte russe . com recently sent me to identical orders of 5 items, though i was never notified two orders were placed. paid 19.99 for shipping…twice…as well as an extra 20$ to ship the extra package back to them. their mistake, and i was refunded NOTHING for any of the shipping. absolutely horrible company. will never shop there again.

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