Natural Hair Transitioning diary: Frustrations

Fresh Cornrow-out

Day 1 hair.

I did this exact style but instead of flat twists, it was corn-rowed. Kept it in for 2 days and I was feeling good about it too. It was nicely moisturized and I just knew the pull down would have been epic. And it was. I loved it. Looks great, doesn’t it? Take a look at my very first braid out and you can see the difference, this one is much more defined and moisturized. I finally know what I’m doing when it comes to styling my mostly relaxed hair. It’s shorter here, if you’ve been keeping up you know that I cut about 3 inches off the other day. Just snipped the ends of my twists, nothing fancy or technical. The ends were dry and split and really had to go. I think its cute but I really miss my long hair, even though I have the big chop itch, its motivated me to transition a little longer, I’m not looking fwd to TWAs as much as I thought I would be. For my corn rows I co-washed with VO5, sprayed with my usual mixture of essential oils and used a bit of shea butter on each cornrow to seal. 

Day 2 hair.

Not bad. It kinda looks like Rihanna’s favourite beachy look don’t you think? Not so much? OK.

I ran some leave-in conditioner through it to try and maintain the softness throughout my day but it dried right out on me and got brittle and frizzy as the sun bore down. It was in a pineapple the night before, maybe I should have re-twisted it…I’m trying to find different methods here so I’ll do that next time. Or maybe I can re-twist it on night two in an attempt to get 3rd day hair cause child…

Day 3 hair? Forget about it. This is my problem with my transition. A style looks so beautiful on the first day, maybe you can coax a second day but getting those two textures to cooperate for a third? Fuhgeddaboudit! Maybe I need a better leave-in as I’m not too impressed with the one I have now. But really, who wants to style there hair every single day? NOT ME! Will my hair forever be in a bun when its natural? Will I have to wash every morning to get an amazing curl going? Ugh! Some people do indeed wash their hair every other day but I really don’t think that’s necessary. It is my intention to wash weekly and I would love to only have to rock a bun or french twist for maybe the last two days of said week. Sigh…I’ll keep experimenting with different methods and products.

This weekend I’m planning a protein treatment and a better leave in. Maybe one of those kinky curly oyin knot today ms jessie’s mixed chicks jane carter everybody keeps raving about. If I can find any one of those here on the island. You know, the hair aisle is filled with products yet I haven’t seen not one of those names I mentioned. Maybe I should try some of those readily available to me first, something’s gotta work, they can’t all be duds. I’ll start my own reviews of island products, Jamaican Mango and Lime anyone? 🙂 I resolve to re-twist every single night next week after my treatment to see how long I can keep it going. Here’s to sticktoitiveness!

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4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Transitioning diary: Frustrations

  1. yes, indeed. I have NOT found a way to keep the twist-out day in day out without re-twisting at night. Just can’t be done.
    But I def do see the difference. It’s very crisp even on the second day. As you continue to develop your skillz I think you’ll find styles that work awesome for you and make everyone else drool with jealousy because they just can’t replicate them.

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