New for Caribbean Fashion Week 2014

It’s fashion season! Are you excited? In a few short days CFW will roll around and introduce us to the Caribbean trends that we’ll be keen on for the summer and Christmas seasons this year. I get excited every year as I plan outfits and meet up with all my favourite Jamaican fashionistas plus those who travel here only once a year to strut the runways. As more and more of us shop local designers, CFW has introduced a new element that I’m really excited about and hope it takes off!

Nell Robinson in Gavin Douglas
Nell Robinson in Gavin Douglas

A release from the CFW camp explains:

2014 will be a year of firsts for CFW, which is no easy accomplishment for an event in its 14th fashion innovation and excellence. Designers showing, include Trinidad & Tobago’s Claudia Pegus and Meiling, the UK’s Alicia Mullings, Jamaica’s Juliette Dyke of Julan and New York fashion house Hope Wade Designs. These particular designers will also be taking part in the new online shopping experience, designed to introduce and export the crème of the region’s fashion design talent to an international audience. The CFW team has partnered with Jessica Huie, founder of London agency JH Public Relations ( and international branding expert Kubi Springer ( to launch, introduce on-site shopping at CFW, and develop the brand’s business forum, which takes place on the morning of June 15, prior to the evening’s fashion show.

Maxi Priest is said to be the headlining act this year and I can’t wait! I love Maxi Priest! *sings* Maxi Priest and Shabba! Get yourself acquainted:

Are you excited? Will you be at CFW this year? Check out the CFW tag to see all my past posts from years gone by. Now to start planning outfits!

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One thought on “New for Caribbean Fashion Week 2014

  1. I love Maxi Priest. We saw him in concert with Beres two years ago and he is still GREAT. I cant wait to see the fashions this year.

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