Moon Hill Villa Responds to the Wayne Piper Incident

Moon Hill Villa has responded to the scathing review by Wayne Piper, a patron who had a horrible, curse word riddled experience at their weekly “Pizza by Moonlight” event:


Dear Wayne Piper,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience at “Pizza by Moonlight” last week. Rest assured we take your comments very seriously and have held multiple meetings and hired dedicated wait staff as a result of last week’s turnout and the dissatisfaction you voiced.
First of all, let me say that I regret your dissatisfaction wasn’t handled better a week ago when you arrived with your friends to find no parking available inside the venue and inadequate seating immediately available upon arrival.
Our weekly pizza night has grown in popularity since it began in October, 2013 thanks to our focus on quality food, quality service and a quality overall experience. To be honest, it has grown more than anticipated and we have made every effort to keep up by hiring new staff, baking more pizzas, adding additional appetizers and ensuring there are more tables and chairs for patrons’ enjoyment. I can assure you that every dollar you and other patrons have spent at “Pizza by Moonlight” has gone back into ensuring we continue to provide outstanding food and service for an increasing number of guests to enjoy. Even as our patrons have grown in number, we continue to innovate by presenting new pizza varieties, new tapas and new drink specials to ensure we provide the best value for our customers.
The night of 28 May was certainly our busiest to date as we jumped from 60 patrons the previous week to nearly 100 last week and we understand that similar shortcomings may have been experienced by other patrons. Regardless of the kind of attitude patrons might present when voicing dissatisfaction, I realize that the quality of our service can only be said to be as good as the experience enjoyed, or not enjoyed, by our most dissatisfied customer. For the way I responded when you and your friends were demanding a refund immediately after arrival, calling me tacky because there were no more seats and putting your smartphone in my face to record our interaction, I apologize. Regardless of the respect or lack thereof demonstrated by patrons when addressing me and my staff, the customer is always right, and for the way I handled your gripe last week, mea culpa.
Now let me clarify a few points for the record in an effort to resolve any potential confusion:
Moon Hill is above all my vacation home that I share with guests to provide a bed & breakfast experience in the format of a staffed villa, in addition to accommodating guests for meals and events by reservation.
We ask guests invited to “Pizza by Moonlight” to RSVP so that we have an estimated headcount in order to ensure we prepare enough food for all our patrons to enjoy to their satisfaction. We set aside tables as “reserved” for groups of 10 or more since the bistro and trestle tables can seat up to four and eight persons, respectively, and must be grouped together for larger parties. For smaller groups, seating is first-come, first-serve. Notwithstanding, we make every effort to accommodate specific seating requests made by smaller groups. Since last week we have acquired additional tables and chairs in an effort to ensure there is ample seating available. If these are still insufficient, there are other seating areas on couches inside in the living and entertainment rooms where patrons are more than welcome to sit comfortably and begin eating until a table on the veranda or pool deck becomes available.
As for parking, we can handle a limited number of vehicles inside the premises and patrons arriving after our small lot has filled to capacity must park along Roedeen Close and walk a short distance to the venue. We have a dedicated parking attendant/watchman who assists with parking and monitors patrons’ vehicles inside the premises and along the road outside the gate.
Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. Your dissatisfaction has served to rekindle our commitment to providing outstanding food and service at a great value for every guest walking through our door.
Best regards,
Oliver Hill

Is the response sufficient? I’ll add here that I was waiting myself to post a raving review of Moon Hill’s pizza night because I went a few weeks back and it was absolutely fantastic. The pizza was great and came out in so much variety till I was stuffed beyond reason, the owner chatted with us and people milled around chatting and having a good time. Even the salad and other appetizers were amazing. I couldn’t wait to go back and take pictures for you! It was by complete shock that I read Wayne Piper’s experience and it surely made me wonder what could have triggered such a response! Nothing will ever excuse foul language, even if it is being said to you first which has not been reported, so that as a business owner is for sure inexcusable, but it did make me wonder if the side of the story we heard was complete.

I have been out with my friends before and received such piss-poor service that made a few of my friends go totally off the handle to the point where I was embarrassed and just wanted to leave. My mind went back to those nights and wondered if that would have been a reasonable excuse for a manager or owner to curse. No, it’s not. It cannot be excused and this apology does a lot to try and explain and deflect. If Mr. Hill felt the patrons were becoming disrespectful or unruly he should have facilitated a quicker exit of the group from his premises by way of refund if they had not yet eaten as reported. To have it escalate to this was totally not worth it. What are your thoughts on the response?

Click here to read the original article which outlines what happened. The response was sent via email to those subscribed to Moon Hill’s event list.

*Update* Wayne Piper has responded to the above response and has promised to share video of parts of the happenings.

Mr. Hill yes we demanded a refund for services not provided. Mr. Hill yes we called your response to our customer complaints tacky. Mr. Hill yes, after the first episode of your verbal abuse to our group a female member of our group took out her phone to record your actions. Your first response was to say “Go ahead record it”, you then later lost your temper and attempted to reach out across a counter, across a member of our party to grab the phone from her hands. Even after this attempted assault you invited her to record a video in your living area. Your behavior was truly erratic. I have seen the video recorded, which was only of the latter part of the interaction after I had asked you to calm down and listen. The fact that the video shows your actions after you were calmed down is telling of what went before. That video will be shared.

2nd update. The video has since been posted. View below.


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12 thoughts on “Moon Hill Villa Responds to the Wayne Piper Incident

  1. i extrapolated that the owner used foul language to patrons. That’s inexcusable and still i can only imagine what actually happened. Had i been there i may have a better opinion. I grade the apology a 6/10. I have never been there but the apology was like an ad. A lengthy one but i see the logistics of the business. Customers can be tough but one has to always be professional. A shorter more direct apology would’ve sufficed.

  2. This response serves to further infuriate than make amends.
    Mr. Hill is clearly in possession of reasonable intellect, and his account shows that he knows how to articulate a point in a dignified manner, and in his best interest.
    Which makes the Wayne Piper version all the more believable as the ‘apology’ hardly refutes what was said, it merely tries to make a ‘reasonable’ case for Mr.Hill’s disrespectful behaviour, while taking the opportunity to shamelessly plug his event. For a business owner, his response to the aggrieved customer is unacceptable no matter what. He should remember that is was he who invited patrons to his event; they didn’t trespass onto his property.

    If he were really keen on customer service he would have sought to address the patron’s concern in a more conciliatory manner, and if the customer was still angry and wanted to leave, there should have been little hesitation in refunding him, apoligising again while saying he hoped the customer would give him an opportunity to serve them better the next time… and then going back to attend to his clearly numerous other patrons.

    He is not serious about business.
    Shameless and disgraceful!

  3. I’m in such awe after reading the owner’s response. I’m very disgusted. This is not an apology, this is more of a – “here let me give you an extensive overview of the business and how much effort I have put into making it top notch,” along with a “let me also insert an extensive and elaborate advertisement”. He also made sure to insert just how wrong the customer was by taking a dig a them, while in the same breath adding “the customer is always right.” Then when this was all done, you finally get the only semblance of an apology by way of some choice, rather petulant words that could have easily been summed up with “but yeah sorry.” There is no real apology in here, because he’s not really sorry for anything on his behalf, and even though he was sure to add the business motto of “the Customer is always right..” it is obviously not something that he believes in. OBVIOUSLY. I will never be going to this place.

  4. Un.Pro.Fessional.

    WOW. This is utterly distasteful. The accusations of profanity are bad enough – HEARING him use profanity is even worse and, to top it off, he reached across to smack the phone from the guest’s hand. Can’t this man be charged for assault, or attempted assault?

    I agree with the commenters above about his “apology”. Part ad/part defense – zero sincerity.

    I’m appalled.

  5. I am appalled that this “business man” would try to get physical with a patron and engage in profanity. I will take my money elsewhere.

  6. I’m appalled at some of these responses. Wish the same sense of urgency and disgust could be displayed regarding matters that affect our wider society and contribute to the decline of our country’s moral fiber. This issue is nutten more than – how can I put it simply – uptown bangarang. KMT #NoneIssue they both should get over themselves.

  7. KimmyS i am with you 100%…who gives a damn really? #UPTOWNPROBLEMS
    Guess Jamaica ain’t that bad afterall


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