#traveltuesday: Bamboo Blu Ocho Rios Jamaica

Ever so often I wish I were a travel blogger, jetsetting to exotic locations courtesy of Tourist Boards or fabulous hotels and maybe one day that will happen but for now I’m lucky to #livewhereyouvacation and so I have lots to explore right here on my island paradise. This past weekend friends and I went to Bamboo Blu in Ocho Rios to celebrate a birthday. It’s a restaurant that I have heard of a couple times but never been and so I thought I’d share the experience with you. It’s located right on the beach next to Riu Hotel in Mammee Bay and within the confines of the Mammee Bay Estate. You’ll need to make a reservation to gain access to the property but there’s no hassle to get in, set up and relax. And the beach is gorgeous.

Bamboo Blu Ocho Rios

We ate first before going to relax on the beach. The restaurant is open air, relaxing vibe with an awesome view of the sea. The décor added the right amount of sophisticated island vibe without being cheesy. The tourist prices reminded me however that this part of Jamaica wasn’t for me (aka average joe.) One burger for $US13 plus tax and service charge took me way out of my comfort zone. Imagine if I had drinks? It surely made me dig deep in my Jamaicanness and wonder what would happen if I brought my own food to the beach? Think they’d call security if they saw me uncover a KFC box? How about if I put it in my own little dish from home? The fact that the burger was pretty bland and done for a palate that’s used to less spices than the average Jamaican didn’t help ease my woes. I tasted the fish and chips, the dish I would have ordered if it wasn’t $17 and I was so happy I didn’t spring for it as it too was quite bland. No salt and pepper guys?

Food from Bamboo Blu Jamaica
From top left: Jerk Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes, Shrimp Salad, Escoveitched Fish, Fish and Chips and my burger

To be fair, those who had more Jamaican meals like the jerk chicken and the whole fish said their meal was lovely. So maybe if I go back to Bamboo Blu, I’ll order something more Jamaican like the catch of the day fish instead of a meal popular in places like USA or Europe. How dare you order fish and chips in Jamaica. 😉 (I can tell you where has an amazing fish and chips in Kingston though, hit me up on twitter)

After our meal, we went to relax on one of the day bed gazebos strewn about the place. I was hoping to catch some of this action but was out of luck that day.


Isn’t that awesome? I’d probably lose my lunch. The breeze was incredibly strong that day and sand was whipping everywhere. There was a group playing volleyball on the sand behind the restaurant all day long! They sure do love the sport. I laid out and fell asleep while others went to enjoy the water. (Be prepared to spend US$5 on a beach/lounge chair if you want one)

20140720_173032 20140720_173022 20140720_144904

It was a lovely day out and yes, I would visit Bamboo Blu again and again. The beach was lovely and the staff and amenities pleasant. I like a beach where there’s enough shallow waters to play with my munchkin without feeling like a wave is gonna come knock us down at any second. I would however pack at least my own drinks. $8 cocktails ain’t the business. Have you ever been to Bamboo Blu?

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