How to Get 40% Off your Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium

I’m being serious! Jamaica National General Insurance (JNGI) recently launched their Drive Smart campaign which is centered around a motor vehicle insurance product targeted to young drivers between the age of 17 and 29. If you complete the Jamaica Automobile Association’s (JAA) Driver Improvement Programme, you’re well on your way to being eligible for the whopping discount. Statistics have shown that Jamaicans are four times more likely to be killed on our roads than our American counterparts and nine times more than English drivers. Why we haffi outdo everybody at everything so???

Chiney Dolly and Dutty Berry for JNGI
Chiney Dolly and Dutty Berry for JNGI

Usually it is mucho expensive to get insurance as a young driver so this is a welcomed product and I’m happy to help spread the word as I believe completion of the JAA’s programme will truly help young drivers to manage the many daunting risks facing us on these dangerous roads. JNGI made the announcement at a recent showing of the movie Fast and Furious 7 and also revealed race car driver Natasha “Chiney Dolly” Chang and YouTube sensation Rushane “Dutty Berry” Berry as brand ambassadors for the campaign.

Dutty Berry was excited to be a part of the campaign, admitting that he has not yet received a driver’s license and so will film a video series taking him through the JAA’s driving programme and following him on the path of becoming licensed.

Chiney Dolly is so little and cute, I just love her stepping out of this racing car showing up all the boys.


Here she is with Chris Hinds, General Manager for JNGI as they sign the Pledge Board at the cinema.


Have you seen the movie? The bit at the end was so touching to Paul 🙁 I’m happy with the way they handled his storyline.


Photos: STUSH

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