558016_10151488658046294_848371720_nHey! Waah gwaan? I’m IrieDiva, a Jamaican lifestyle blogger (still living and blogging from right here in Kingston, Jamaica) posting about fashion, natural hair/beauty products, good eats and Jamaican culture.

I lost almost 40lbs in 2012, cut off all my hair and went natural and changed careers. What a monumental year! All of that is chronicled on the blog and now I’m on a path to remain healthy, raise my child in a wholesome environment and live out loud, the way I want to.

I love comments and I love interaction so please, comment on the posts, share with your friends, find me on twitter, facebook or instagram and if you see me in the streets, say hi! I love to meet readers and I’m open to progressive criticism and comments. This blog is for me and you! So kick up yuh foot and nuh go nuh weh, tan tuddy!