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{Updated with outfit} Fab Friday – After work jam

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Hey guys. As I sit here with my feet in some water with essential oils and cleansers about to give myself a luxurious at-home pedicure I think about what plans I have for my Friday evening. Two of my friends have decided to go to an event at a local night club held right after work that’s supposed to be a networking kind of vibe for young professionals et al. I’m no longer in the corporate world myself, so the question comes up….what shall I wear?

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Irie’s Closet: A summer dress a day…

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Recently, I went crazy on Forever 21. (I bet Charlotte Russe is wishing they accepted intl cards) I should do some sort of haul vlog to show y’all what I got. I’m so elated at all my pretty new dresses! And to think…I have nowhere to go

Lemme tell y’all. I gave F21 a breeze for the longest while because every time I went on their website, their stuff just kinda looked drab to me. Whenever I visit the US, I always go there to get some basics and then move on in search of fashionable items in other stores. Their website was nothing exciting like some of my other favourite sites and back then neither was the store. But recently some of my favourite fashion bloggers have been citing pieces from their various outfit posts as being from F21 and I’m like…for real? I took a look and what do you know…my wishlist filled up SO fast. What I love about F21 now is that you can really get some cute pieces that you can mix and match, dress up or down, and save a pretty penny to splurge on something that’ll last you longer than a summer dress….like say some shoes or a good purse.

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Irie’s Closet: Easy like Sunday Morning

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The title matches the post in no way except that it is Sunday morning as I write this post, chilling on my couch. I bought this cute little dress from Target to do exactly what I did in it, run around town doing errands.I love how easy breezy it is, sure thing to keep me cool on these hot Jamaican days and I love the black and white pattern, makes it east for me to punch it up with some colour if I feel like.

What I don’t get about it is the size…someone want to explain “Juniors sizing” to me? I clicked around on Target for a bit and couldn’t find a size chart in the allotted attention span. I only ordered one “junior” dress to check the fit. I’m gonna guess it’s meant for teens? Pre-teens? I’m too lazy this Sunday morning to do any googling. Anyhoo it turned out perfectly…

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Shhh Boutique and SOHO for #FNOja

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After my time in HWT for Fashion’s Night Out I went up to my friend at Shhh Boutique to see what he had for me. He had sale items placed on specific racks that were between 20 and 50% off. 

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#FNOja the HWT Rundown…What I did, Where I went, Who I saw

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Ok. I can’t possibly post on all of Fashion’s Night Out in one go…I’ll have to break this up into a couple of posts. So first up, I’ll just tell you what I did and the deals I found. Even this rundown may need two posts but we’ll see how it progresses…

So…I had a plan. I had a route in my head and stores to check off my list. I was gonna start early in the day to avoid the rush. And that I did. I put on my cutest little frock that could work for casual or upscale wherever I went and I was about to head out my door when the heavens above opened up and wiped that plan clean. So, plan derailed, I looked in my closet to see what I could find that could offer a little coverage for the feet and legs while still providing some cute. Then I said f*ck all that and threw on my jeggings and my rainboots. It was pouring.

These rainboots make for conversation starters boy, everybody on the road had something to say. “Where you get dat” “A dat me need inna dis yah rain yah” “you come prepared boy nutten naah stop you” I met up with my sister who was to be my partner in crime for the evening and changed into my flats so we could get started. Thankfully the rain was done for the day.

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In Search of CFW outfits: Shhh Boutique

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A few short years ago when I was in college, there was a little hottie on campus getting his hustle on selling Victoria’s Secret everything to the ladies. Undies, bras, splashes, lotions, you name it, we bought it. Then he sold us Guess jeans and tops and mushroomed from there. Determined never to work for “the man,” today the college hottie is the proud owner of Shhh Boutique at 8 Shortwood Road.

Yesterday I popped in to see what my old friend was up to and hoped he had something in my size. Boy did we get into some sort of photoshoot! My sister was as usual along for the ride and had fun trying on everything from the classy to the trendy to the downright….Shhh! I had to leave out a few of these pics…the big sis in me just cant post it! We had lots of fun and I’m happy to say that I did find lots of dresses in my size but not for CFW. They were either a bit too casual or a bit too conservative. I’m looking for fun!

Anyhoo lets get to it. 

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In search of CFW outfits: The Glam Culture Stop

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So yesterday I went to Glam Culture as promised and I had high hopes since I was told they had new stock. Their stuff is so cute! Unfortunately nothing to fit me really :( I’ma have to open up a large and extra large store. Anyhoo my guinea pig model/sister was with me again so I have fabulous pics for all you ladies blessed to be able to eat like this child and still look like this or those of you who go hard at the gym.


Casual crop top

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In Search of CFW outfits: My stop at Base Kingston

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Caribbean Fashion Week officially starts today but the big shows are on the weekend. I still have no clue what I’m gonna wear. Fashionweek calls for the ultimate fashionista casual chic with a little extra on the Sunday, cause its the final day and well, its a Sunday.

I did my nails with fashionweek in mind. If you read fashion and beauty blogs then I’m sure you’ve come across crackle nail polish and I was super excited to see them at my nail tech. Take a look

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