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Jamaican Fashion News: The 2013 Season has opened!

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Normally around this time I’d be uber excited because it meant Caribbean Fashion Week and Style Week were around the corner. But…I haven’t heard anything about StyleWeek from Saints, see nothing on their Facebook page!


Well since writing this post, I asked them when Style Week will be and they responded May 22-26. That’s less than a month away and no promo yet. What’s going on Saints? Waiting with baited breath! Meanwhile, Caribbean fashion Week had their launch over the weekend which teased lines from four designers that will show. Caribbean Fashion Week is the biggest and most coveted fashion event in all the Caribbean with designers from over a dozen countries showing. I look forward to this spectacle every year and you can see past posts on the fabulousness here and here. I’m not sure how much coverage I will be able to provide this year however as I was denied accreditation last year.

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 7.04.31 PM

Sean Lyn and Kibwe McGann, Team Intuit

Moving on, Miss Universe Jamaica  is now managed by Intuit Concepts, the team that brings you Wedding Spectacular and Kingston Bridal Week and their vision for the show is indeed all pomp and pageantry! It is amazing to me that it takes two guys to bring us such fabulous events geared towards a mainly-female audience. They want to do away with having the pageant held at a hotel with a ticket price and bring it instead to Emancipation Park as a free, weekend-long event! I absolutely love Emancipation Park and some events work fabulously there, outdoor movie night? YES! Miss Jamaica Universe in my high fashion dress and stiletto heels? Make it work guys! Make it work! If anyone can pull this off, the Intuit team can and I’m excited for all the details to emerge. The prizes sound amazing, I hope all the ladies are working on their MUJ bodies!

Fun Fact: Ever turn on BET’s Centric early on a Saturday morning and see a program called Splash? Set in the Caribbean? Intuit Concepts produces that show! I really am looking forward to their take on MUJ. Here’s a Splash clip if you’ve never seen the program before. This is a clip from the Jamaican Fashion’s Night Out with Novia McDonald and Vivica Fox.

Finally, I went to the Tami Chynn show over the weekend and she was so cute with her little 6 month belly! I am a huge fan of hers as she has the sweetest personality and she kept her audience laughing between beautiful songs last night sharing song inspirations and a peek into her family life. She well jokify fi tru!

Here she is wearing Lubica for her show. She killed it all night in them wedges, go Tami!

378307_10151402613878230_54377450_n 547267_10151402172078230_481567681_n

Pictures from her Facebook page. Speaking of pregnant bellies, congrats are in order for Romae Gordon, former Pulse Supermodel and now general manager who was seen toting around a little lovebump of her own! Move over Halle Berry, Romae is our own mature hot mamma!


Are you excited for fashion season? Looking forward to Style Week and CFW? Let me hear your thoughts! Oh, before I go, have you seen this article??? “Jamaicans To Vie For Live Beyoncé Experience – A Part Of Pepsi’s Live For Now Campaign” Details, Pepsi, details!!! NOW!!!!! I’m so excited OMG!

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From #FNOja, @Neosole talks #Naturalhair, @JaneCarter and Thando Kafele

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Today’s post was written by my longtime internet idler friend Stephanie, a Jamaican engineer with a creative soul . Follow her on twitter @neosole
It was pure chance that I ended up as a hair model at the Nettle and Moss Fashion Night Out festivities. After all, the only thing fashionable that I ever do to my locs is a twist out. Fancy huh?
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My final #FNOja stops at Glam Culture, The Dressing Room and Base Kingston

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I can’t believe I went to so many places! I need to get paid to do this next year… #RovingReporter! Anyway when I left Soho I bee-lined for the Pulse Complex to visit Glam Culture and the Dressing Room that had planned events which included music and drinks. This was about 7:30 pm by now and I was tired and wanted somewhere with food and atmosphere that I could “ends out.”

How hot are those yellow pumps? They would be TOO cute with that little zebra print mini skirt too! Complete the look with a black tank and a WOW statement necklace and you couldn’t talk to me!

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Shhh Boutique and SOHO for #FNOja

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After my time in HWT for Fashion’s Night Out I went up to my friend at Shhh Boutique to see what he had for me. He had sale items placed on specific racks that were between 20 and 50% off. 

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#FNOja the HWT Rundown…What I did, Where I went, Who I saw

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Ok. I can’t possibly post on all of Fashion’s Night Out in one go…I’ll have to break this up into a couple of posts. So first up, I’ll just tell you what I did and the deals I found. Even this rundown may need two posts but we’ll see how it progresses…

So…I had a plan. I had a route in my head and stores to check off my list. I was gonna start early in the day to avoid the rush. And that I did. I put on my cutest little frock that could work for casual or upscale wherever I went and I was about to head out my door when the heavens above opened up and wiped that plan clean. So, plan derailed, I looked in my closet to see what I could find that could offer a little coverage for the feet and legs while still providing some cute. Then I said f*ck all that and threw on my jeggings and my rainboots. It was pouring.

These rainboots make for conversation starters boy, everybody on the road had something to say. “Where you get dat” “A dat me need inna dis yah rain yah” “you come prepared boy nutten naah stop you” I met up with my sister who was to be my partner in crime for the evening and changed into my flats so we could get started. Thankfully the rain was done for the day.

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What I may wear to #FNOja …if I had these items in my closet

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Even though I’m an all dress everything type of girl, I’ve been really loving shorts lately and feel I may wear one tomorrow as it’s bound to be a hot day. Shorts such as these but in a linen material would be excellent and I paired it with a simple slouchy top in a great colour that could be a canvas for statement pieces, bling and trinkets. I would normally never wear such a loud bag in the early evening but its Fashion’s Night Out, gotta bring the bling!

I couldn’t decide between colourful or bling accessories so I have both bracelet stacks and neck pieces up there….which would you go with? Your choice would determine which shoe I’d wear. Wedges are the comfortable sacrifice between fabulous height and comfortable practicality and those flat boots bring an edgey contrast to the bling and glam.

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Celebs make #FNOja stops: Word on the street is that…

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I hear on the twitter vine that Aunt Viv gon be in town for FNO…

If you google Soho you won’t find much as I’m guessing they don’t need much advertising and the like, seeing that you need a credit card that would tell my credit card to go sit in the corner and take a time out to step foot inside the store. Funny enough I referenced them in my post complaining about the lack of good sales on FNO. This Gleaner article from last year gives you a gist of the exclusivity of it all and why I would get replies asking “Where’s Soho”

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It’s #FNOja time again! Are we excited?

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This Thursday September 8, The Vogue created Fashion’s Night Out takes place in several fashion cities around the world, Jamaica being one of them thanks to the Jamaica Observer. This is the 3rd year and it promises to be bigger and better with over 1000 businesses island-wide signing on to be a part of the festivities. It’s an event encouraging you to go out and shop, treat yourself, get dolled up, hang out with the girls or the girlies ;) and sip fancy cocktails in your highest heels. Or flats if you’re really gonna be out digging for bargains.

I wrote before about why I wasn’t impressed with the last event, our stores and the concept of a sale. With a local sales tax of 17.5%, you giving me 15% off really isn’t cutting it. So this time around I want to go not for the sales but for the ambiance. This time around I’m picking the snazziest stores, wearing heels and hobnobbing. Where will the celebrities be? The first year in New York, Rihanna lit up the experience and Gwen Stefani was spotted at Sephora last year. Locally I’m trying to map out where I’m gonna go if I want to be seen and take pictures more so than just shop.

One thing I’m sure about it staying clear of Half Way Tree, not even going there first at 5pm is going to cut it.  The crowd is expected to be thick on the malls. I tried to use twitter to create my map just now and it’s surprising that the participating stores aren’t using the #FNOja tag. I’m sure the Observer has been reminding them but oh well. So clicking on the #FNOja hashtag returns results from only a few stores. I’ll be monitoring it more throughout the week to see who’s planning what at their store. 

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