Its been a while since I did a mamma post. But I’m inspired by these pictures I just received of a photo-shoot we did of our little family. It was just today I was going through some of munchkin’s baby pictures saying my how time flies. 

It’s so hard to believe that these moments were 18 months ago. Well actually, 19 now. I remember them all like they were yesterday. And what a ride it has been. This year has certainly been an exceptional one for me with amazing highs that fight hard to cancel out my lows. I got married this year, I quit my job and finally kicked myself to start doing my own thing and the year is scheduled to end with me actually starting my marriage. We’ve been apart but that will soon change.

Being long distance and for so long has brought its fare share of stress…so we’re gonna fix that. I’m happy that munchkin seems to recognize her papa now. Before, we had to go through 50 first dates for her to finally feel comfortable around him. Distance hurts. But she sure does love her papi. And he sure does love us.


She’s gonna be athletic, I can see it, I’ll ensure it. She has to be, she needs a way to expend all this energy she wears me out with on the daily.

My baby girl. She is soooooo amazing. Over the past few weeks I’ve been letting her stay home with me instead of going to the nursery and I’ve been enjoying every moment of it. Ok she’s a handful and a half I won’t even lie. She requires 10 cans of red bulls every hour and lots of activities to keep up with her but she is SO much fun. Last time I took her to the doc the doc said “this one is going to be a chatty mouth” LOL ! She sings, she dances, she plays “kickaball,” she knows how to open my Samung Tab and maneuver it to her favourite game Angry Birds and then switch to watch her Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba videos when she’s bored of that. She is so amazing. In fact, this post has been enough words…but do watch this video of My Miss Amazing. This is what happens whenever I try to get her to nap. One hour of ramping and bed-jumping until she finally settles down. There’s usually LOTS more singing and chatting to herself going on too in between all the jumping but I ain’t got the time or the space so I’m just show you a lil bit 😀


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