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2013 I’m kicking your teeth out!


Wow what a year 2012 was!!! This was truly a breakthrough year for me in many aspects: career, love-life, health, financial freedom and overall happiness. Last year I put 10 things on my 2012 to-do list and I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished 8 and I don’t mean barely scrape by, I mean I kicked down the damn doors! I lost the 20lbs I hoped to lose and then some, I’m a happy, savvy naturalista, I’m almost debt free, just a smidgen to go, my blog grew, I’m a social media marketer by profession and doing a damn good job if I may say so myself and while I haven’t invested in my craft like I wanted to do last year, it’s at the top of my list for this year which will be so amazing. 

I was able to take control of my health and weight once and for all, able to come to terms with a crazy roller-coaster ride I was on and take control of the reigns again, able to potty train munchkin which truly was a task and a half and guess what?!?!?! Looks like I’ma make it to 2013 which was at the top of my 2012 list 🙂 So without further ado, here’s the 2013 to-do list!

  • make it to 2014 – you know we can’t leave this off. We just gotta make it…
  • grow my blog – sits at number 2 again, there’s always room for growth
  • invest in my craft
  • work on taking charge and being headstrong in my work life
  • get munchkin involved in after school activities, preferably ones that require lots of energy
  • increase the kick-the-work-bucket fund
  • increase the get-shit-faced-wasted-fun fund (this is really the travel-more fund but whatever works)
  • tone my body enough to wear a bikini like I’d want to
  • stop bleaching my hair myself -__- (this one is going to take all of me)
  • the last one is dedicated to someone who already knows what it is.  pinky swear 🙂


In 2012 a freedom came over me that I never knew before. I accepted everything for exactly what it was including myself, who I am. I lived my life for me and no one else and it brought such happiness that I cannot stop now! In 2013 I want to strengthen the relationships with the people that matter the most to me. It’s not up there on the list but trust it’s high on my priority list because friends and supporters are everything. I’m embarking on something old, yet new, in 2013 and I am so excited to see what it may bring. In the meantime I encourage you all to live your best life too. Be honest with yourself and those around you because the truth shall set you free.

What’s on your vision board for 2013?


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