Fish Pot Shrimp Pasta

5 for $500: Seafood Day!

This is a collaborative series between IrieDiva and four other blogs. Each day this week a new blogger will share a delicious budget friendly meal for JMD$500 or less on their respective blogs. Use the hashtag #5for5Kingston on Instagram and Twitter to follow all the action.

Fish Pot Shrimp Pasta

So when I was approached to do this blog post I was all excited until the day came and the topics came out and everyone chose and I got the “what lef.” I was supposed to do a post about finding seafood in Kingston for under $500 Jamaican dollars? No comprende. That’s a little under $5 US, I really thought I was screwed. I thought of calling up my old haunt Lorna’s Catering on Mountain View Avenue as I was in love with their escoveitched fish fillet but I was sure it must be more than $500 by now. What to do, what to do. I pondered this on my balcony one day when I saw the neon sign flashing in the distance.


Fish Pot is within walking distance from my house. It’s a very popular fast food restaurant ran by Rainforest Seafoods, retailers of… you guessed it… and they’re really quite inexpensive. And always packed. Whew! And my was I lucky. This is the section of the board that I ordered from, you can see I could have had my pick really. Sandwiches, burgers, crispy shrimp, curry shrimp.


I tried to get the coconut shrimp poppaz but they were out so I went with the shrimp pasta. Here’s what it looks like boxed:


I took it home, plated it and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top. Some red pepper flakes would have been perfect too, I added cayenne after the picture was taken. It’s not the best shrimp pasta I’ve ever tasted but for just under $500 I had a hearty meal and I’d definitely visit Fish Pot again! There’s one right in the middle of Half Way Tree a few doors down from Tastee Patties (hey there’s another option, two shrimp or lobster patties please!) and there’s one on Half Way Tree Road. The latter is the one I visited.

Wondering what else you can find around Kingston that’s good eats and pocket friendly? Check out the rest of the series.


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