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5 Things to Do on Jamaica’s South Coast

St. Elizabeth specifically. And this is a more like a wishlist to me because of all the things on this list, I cannot believe I have only done one so far. Shame on me! And I call myself a dry land tourist aka professional staycationer. Jamaica’s south coast is absolutely beautiful and has so much to explore. While I haven’t done lots of these things yet, you can have a look at this post here when I stayed at Jakes. While there, I had lunch at Jack Sprat Restaurant and Little Ochi Seafood. Add those things to this list and you’ll have a whole week of St. E fun!

Jamaica's South Coast

1.  Take the Appleton Rum Estate Tour

It’s our coveted Jamaican rum and it’s made right here in St. Bess! Learn about the process, meet the people, see the views and after it’s all done, sip some age old rum. Score! Appleton-Estate-Rum-Factory-Tour_1416170043__LQwu_3616tour3_large

Doesn’t that look like a line-up you’d like to try? Gimme one o everything!

2. Look but Don’t Jump at Lover’s Leap

Most of us know the story. It’s our very own Romeo and Juliet, slave edition.  African slaves apparently jumped to their death to be together forever, after their slave master found out about their love and planned to sell the man so that he could have the woman for himself. Have you seen that jump? It’s breathtaking. Literally. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day date. Just don’t jump!

how-beautifulLover's Leap (6)At this height it becomes difficult to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. It’s just all amazingly blue.

3. Visit the Pelican Bar

Where’s the perfect place to sip an ice cold Red Stripe? Over the Caribbean Sea of course. Visit the floating bar off the coast of St. Elizabeth and have a cold one with the enchanting fishermen and your rumpanions.


4. See the Crocodiles

Take a canoe up the Black River and feed the crocs! This river on Jamaica’s south coast is incredibly scenic and historic and your croc-wrestling guides will enrich your experience with history and charm.

jgat-black-river-safari jamaica-get-away-tours-black-river-safari-3

5. Visit YS Falls

Dunn’s River may be our most famous falls but YS falls deserves a medal or two itself! Have a picnic on its banks, go zip-lining above it and then take a dip into the cool waters. Bring your waterproof camera for this one! The selfies will be amazing.

ysfalls_02_large y-s-falls-st-elizabeth-jamaica-3 YS-Falls-Jamaica-Zipline

Bonus treats on Jamaica’s south coast!

You must stop along the road and pick up some shrimp in Middle Quarters! This shrimp has a reputation for being the best doggone peppered shrimp you ever did have!


Seek out Treasure Beach while you’re there, it’s a black sand beach that’ll blow your mind.


How much of this list can you tick off as done?


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3 thoughts on “5 Things to Do on Jamaica’s South Coast

  1. I’ve done all but one of these things! Gotta tick off the Appleton Rum Tour next 🙂

    I’d also add Little Ochie to the list, for me no trip that side of the world is complete without it.

  2. I’ve done a couple of those and I too, can’t believe I haven’t done more. BUT I’m flying down on Thursday and spending 3 weeks in St Elizabeth and ALL of these are on my list, even if they are duplicates of a few things I’ve already done.

    Nice post!

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