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Jamaica’s South Coast is less famous than the white sandy beach destinations of the north. It’s home to the parish of St. Elizabeth, also known as the Bread Basket of Jamaica where our grains are grown and rum is made. The parish is rich with natural attractions that make for a splendid day of outdoor adventure both inland and on the coast. I will list my favourite things to do in the parish in this post as well as a few I have yet to check out. It’s a shame that I haven’t done them all but I’ll get to that this year!

Jamaica's South Coast

1.  Take the Appleton Rum Estate Tour

It’s our coveted, world-famous Jamaican rum and it’s made right here in St. Bess! Learn about the process, meet the people, see the views and after it’s all done, sip some age-old rum. It was renovated and reopened to the public at the beginning of 2018 and is at the top of my to-do list this year. Score!

Appleton is my favourite rum to drink, I often have the signature blend with ginger ale. It’s a smooth drink that does the trick whether I’m home relaxing or out having a whale of a time. I can’t wait to get to the tour and try the 21 year aged rum!

Doesn’t that look like a line-up you’d like to try? Gimme one o’ 9kl everything!

2. Look but Don’t Jump at Lover’s Leap

If you’re Jamaican, you know the story. It’s our very own Romeo and Juliet, African slave edition.  The legend goes that African slaves jumped to their death to be together forever, after their slave master found out about their love and planned to sell the man so that he could have the woman for himself.

Have you seen that jump? It’s breathtaking. Literally. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day date. Just don’t jump!

how-beautifulLover's Leap (6)

At this height, it becomes difficult to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. It’s just all amazingly blue.

3. Visit the Pelican Bar

Where’s the perfect place to sip an ice-cold Red Stripe Beer? Over the Caribbean Sea of course. Visit the floating bar just off the coast of St. Elizabeth and have a cold one with the enchanting fishermen and your rumpanions.

Thi is another one that I have yet to conquer but will definitely be making my way there this year. Couple it with another attraction listed here. It’s a fabulous place to watch the sunset after a day of adventure.

Pelican Bar on Jamaica's South Coast

4. See the Black River Crocodiles

Take a canoe up the Black River and feed the crocs! This river on Jamaica’s south coast is incredibly scenic and historic and your croc-wrestling guides will enrich your experience with history and charm.

jgat-black-river-safari jamaica-get-away-tours-black-river-safari-3

5. Visit YS Falls

Dunn’s River may be our most famous falls but YS Falls deserves a medal or two itself! Have a picnic on its banks, go zip-lining above it and then take a dip into the cool waters. Bring your waterproof camera for this one! The selfies will be amazing.

I finally struck this one of my list and can’t wait to go back! It was my first zip-lining experience and it was exhilarating! Then lazing around in the river below whilst trying to perfect my swing rope jump into one of the waterfall’s natural pools was the perfect way to finish out my family adventure day.

5 Things to do on Jamaica's South Coast. Visit the parish of St. Elizabeth and enjoy these outdoor activities for the whole family.

Natural pools at YS Falls YS-Falls-Jamaica-Zipline

Bonus treats on Jamaica’s south coast!

You must stop along the road and pick up some shrimp in Middle Quarters! This shrimp has a reputation for being the best doggone peppered shrimp you ever did have!

Middle Quarters Shrimp in St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Seek out Treasure Beach while you’re there, it’s a black sand beach that’ll blow your mind.

Treasure Beach, black sand beach on Jamaica's South Coast

How much of this list can you tick off as done? And which one are you excited to visit?!


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