The latest in the Jamaica Pegasustweetups happened last Friday and much fun was had as all as is customary.

@minoramp, @iriediva and @jamaipanese

I have just a few thoughts about this, the third staging:

1. Networking what? It was all party.

When I walked in, the first thing I noticed is that I couldn’t make out anybody’s face. So I beelined to the bar and tried to identify a few tweeps. On twitter earlier that evening, I was trying to decide whether I was gonna wear heels or flats. I went with flats. Obviously I missed the memo that it was all party though. Short dresses and highest heels were the order of the night. I guess everyone else knew it was gonna be all party everything. The very first tweetup started out with bright lights and low music and gradually went all party. I miss that. I met people there. Met only one new tweep at this one and he was a friend of a friend….

2. The food was excellent

The best of all three stagings. Corned beef brisket, calaloo quiche, meat balls, chicken, pork, an amazing shrimp pasta, veggie station with dip served in sweet peppers and various side dishes and desserts. I really had to exercise control to stop myself from seconds…The bar was better this time around too? A nuvo bar? OK! I see you @jamaicapegasus! Which brings me to my third point…

3. More sponsors…meh

I’m happy that more people are signing up to be apart of the event, it means a better food and swag experience right? I mean the chocolate station…mm mm mmmmm I had to keep myself away. They had donut holes for dipping in the fountain and I am happy to announce I didn’t even have one. Just a teensy weeny marshmallow for me…I had to at least try it out? LOL But the more sponsors, the more speeches and giveaways…it killed the party vibe a few times, and we’ve already established that it was a party. See, if it were more lit and sombre in the beginning then the sponsors would have had the chance to reach out personally to the guests. I heard Kingston Mini Cakes were there and I didn’t even see them till I saw the cupcake in my swag bag. I would have loved to see a spread and have been able to speak with a rep about their offerings.

4. I am ready to live in a more tolerant country.

I may lose a few “friends” for this one but I don’t really care. What exactly have gays done to deserve such hostility? fui! They’ve done me nothing and they have more fun! *fist pumps to usher* baby tonight the DJ’s got us falling in love again…so dance dance like its the last last night of your life life. Yes they stole the dance floor and got many stares and whispers. Many people left the party when they started to take over. I was in the middle with them. I love to dance too.

5. The venue was excellent.

I have never been on the outside roof portion of the Talk of the Town and it was amazing. The breeze was cool, the set up was very pretty and the hotel got to show off another part of their venue offerings to event planners and other potential customers. Where will the next one be though? Hard to “top” the top of the world  😀

At the end of the night I had an excellent time and look forward to the next with bated breath. But start at 6 please! So I can meet the sponsors and see what they have to offer and also meet new tweeps before the party gets good.

@camjayfen, @StarQw, @artsybee876, @iriediva we all happen to fall in the same family tree


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