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6 month mom

Wow six months in. That’s her fast asleep beside me as I type this right now. These moments are few and far between at daytime unless I bring her to the pool or find some other activity to get her really tired. She’s a real busybody. She’s been sitting and climbing for a while now and for about a month now she’s mastered crawling. When we’re in the room together one of her favourite things to do is to climb up and hold onto the headboard and look outside. Sometimes she “sings” sometimes she’s chatting…to the birds I guess, but she loves it. She loves the outdoors in general, always jumping out my hands when I open the door.

She’s an extremely pleasant and social gal. Just like her mommy I suppose 😀 If you take her and she cries you must really be a mean person. LOL Seriously she’s the true attention girl when I’m out. Places like the supermarket? She is laughing with every person, I don’t mean smile, I mean big belly laugh and that always gets everybody’s attention. That’s my superstar. I should get her in some commercials or something.

Having a baby has been quite a life change. Spontaneity is out the window…everything is planned and everything surrounds the little one. All your needs take a back seat. You and I can go hungry…a baby…not so much. But a love like this I’ve never ever known. I think I kiss her a million times a day. Her little fat cheeks…her teeny little toes, I can never be bored when I’m with her. She’s full of life and personality and joy. I keep trying to picture how things will be in the future while trying to freeze frame so I never forget the current. I’m looking forward to the day when she comes to me loudly in my heels wrapped in my jewellery and covered in my lipstick. LOL

Isn’t motherhood fun?

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4 thoughts on “6 month mom

  1. oh my gosh! this is just beautiful is every sense of the word…I'm so happy and proud of you Irie Diva…Happy Six Months Little Irie Diva. She is the cutest.

  2. a beauty,

    i don't know about mother hood yet, but I have a feeling that I could fall in love with a lil on so very easily….I am glad your enjoying the experience.

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