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asafa powell1

Asafa Powell is one of Jamaican’s darlings. He’s the sub 10 king as he puts it, holding the record for running the 100m in a time of less than 10 seconds more than anyone else in the world. He held the 100m record before Usain Bolt and reawakened Jamaica’s love for athletics, a field we have always excelled in but this is surely a new era. Jamaicans love Asafa, he’s hot, he was linked to one of our favourite Miss Jamaicas and he’s a champion at what he does. Or, he was. Jamaicans are growing tired of hearing about Asafa Powell’s groin injury and him pulling up in a race. If he was my man mi lef him long time, caan pull up so often when you deh pon di work rasta! (Lies, have you seen Asafa’s body? Lef who???)

Asafa is currently in Stawell Australia to compete in a meet and… well…

STAWELL, Australia — Former world record holder Asafa Powell’s left hamstring injury, which forced him to pull up during the 100-meter race at the London Olympics, is still giving him problems more than seven months later.

Powell experienced soreness during the warm-up Saturday for the 120-meter Stawell Gift handicap race in western Victoria state. Powell, 30, considered withdrawing from the race rather than risk further injury but ran and finished third in his heat.

However, he was unable to run at full pace, finishing in 12.24 seconds after starting the heat from scratch. Powell said he did not feel he would be fit enough to run again at Stawell even if he qualified for Monday’s semifinals.

The injury places in doubt his appearance in the 100 meters at April 6’s IAAF Melbourne Track Classic.

Read more here. It seems as if this is one of those lifelong injuries and Asafa, who is now thirty years old, should just throw in the towel and focus his energies on one of his many other talents. Of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about and could be all wrong, but listen, nuff Jamaicans thinking this same ting. Asafa is also clearly under new PR management and it seems to me he’s now thinking long term at what he will be transitioning to after racing because he is everywhere and him name call up inna everything these days. So here is my list of things Asafa can consider. Hang up dis running ting rasta, di people dem dung a Stawell mussi so disappointed. Steups

6. Gas Station Attendant

Let’s start from the bottom (heh) and work our way up to the more desirable or likely jobs 😀

asafa powell4

Baby if your gas station deh a timbuktu mi a drive deh fi yuh come pump mi gas. Trust me nuh. Woi!

5. Cooking Show Host

Sports analyst? No. Lets face it, Asafa’s personality kinda dry. Have you ever read any of his articles directed at the ladies in the newspapers? Yawn!

asafa powell5

Put him somewhere a little out of his element or in an environment that is fun and silly and I believe we’ll get a fun Asafa that we all want to tune into. Yes baby, toss that salad!

4. Auto Shop Owner

He’s always said if he wasn’t an athlete then he’d probably be a mechanic.

asafa powell3

Well alright. Here’s a practical one for you Safa. I’m sure if you were to open an auto shop all the fly boys would come get their ish custom done at your shop. But please, leave the neon rims off the benz dem.

3. Party promoter.

Mine and Asafa’s birthday are only a day apart and so he turned 30 the same weekend I did. I surely wasn’t on the list but I crashed the party anyhow and it got live!

Asafa Powell and IrieDiva Michael Frater and IrieDiva

The first pic was taken at the club that weekend and the second one with Michael Frater (another accomplished Jamaican athlete) at the Asafa party. Listen. don’t leave me off the list next time, zeen? 🙂

2. Private investigator?

asafa powell8

Waah gwaan yah so Asafa?

1. Model!!!

Listen. Don’t talk. Just stand there and do this:

asafa powell2 asafa powell6 asafa powell7

Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss yuh body good uuuupppp, yuh body good up! I wanna go for aaaallll mi bingo baggy dem fi wash pon dem abs, listen!!!!

Ok, I’m done now. Asafa knows that I am a big fan and I’m just poking a little fun. Love you boo! I respect his athletic career to the fullest and truly hopes that his injury heals and gives him the chance to excel again at what he truly loves.

But what do you think Asafa should do when he retires?

All pics (except mine) taken from Asafa’s instagram.


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