New Year, New You: IrieDiva 7 Day Meal Plan

IrieDiva 7 Day Meal Plan for Weight loss and Detox

Who else feels like they had to be rolled around after Christmas dinner? Hands up if you’ve had cake and ham at least once per day for the past week or so. Shaaaaame. No matter how many articles we read on how to avoid the holiday weight gain, we see the food and face-dive right on in it. Myself included and I should know better right? I haven’t used so much butter and sugar all year long than what I used to create my Christmas dinner dishes alone! Green bean casserole, bacon and corn bake, egg nog, cookies, cheesecake, buttered fish, OMG stop me now. There’s no way we can just pick right back up where we left off in the new year and so I’ve designed what I think will be a great meal plan to help us rid our bodies of some of the toxins we’ve consumed over the holiday period, (spiked sorrel anyone?) lighten up our insides and prepare us for healthier lifestyles in the new year. It will also help us to shed those few pounds we may have picked up this December!

The beauty about this meal plan is that it was created with foods easily accessible to us Jamaicans. Now, I am no nutritionist so feel free to discuss this meal plan with yours or a doctor to see if there are any substitutions you should make for your own personal journey. These are just some foods that I know are healthy and will help us to get back on the right path. The main idea is to try and consume all market everything. The only thing that comes out of a box or bag in this meal plan are oats, flax seeds, yogurt and brown rice. Everything else is from the market or meat shop or fresh from the sea! The way we’re supposed to eat every day anyway, step away from the crackers and the bread and the cereals! The beans can come from the can if you must though I’d prefer you use dried beans.

Complementary to this diet plan, you should look into oil pulling and drinking warm lemon water each morning for the amazing health benefits. It’s also a good idea to consume a couple tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar each day to detox and help shed belly fat and to get your tea on to boost metabolism.

Without further ado, click the link below to access your 7 day meal plan! I will be starting this meal plan on Monday January 5th. That gives you enough time to party the weekend away and then go grocery shopping and get your mind right! Sunday should be your meal-prep day, it’s a good idea to bake a couple chicken breasts to use throughout the week, clean all your veggies that you will be using and make the chillis and stews and then pop them in your freezer. When you’re prepared, your success is almost guaranteed!

IrieDiva’s —->>> 7daymealplan <<<—- here’s the accompanying Grocery list Irie Meal Plan Grocery List

Big thanks to the sis Khmyi who suggested this post. It’s just what our waistlines need!

Substitutions are ok of course just try to keep it all within the same family and make sure it’s not out of a box or bag. Like me, I’ll be doing a green smoothie each morning but I switched up the options for those who aren’t so hip on the green smoothie game. You’re gonna need to change that though! :p

You’ll also need to exercise to maximize the benefits of this plan. It’s a lot to ask but I need you to haul ass for at least an hour a day. You can manage to get up one hour earlier each morning. Yes. Yes. Yes you can. I said yes! If I can pull myself up one hour earlier to jog around the place and bust a sweat, so can you and hopefully you’ll get addicted to the benefits and keep going!

Will you join in? What dietary changes are you making in 2015?

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