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Happy birthday my love! Today’s my husband’s birthday and as I sit here looking through the myriad of pictures we’ve taken together over the past 7+ years that we’ve known each other, it really reminds me that we have a hell of a history together. We’ve been on so many fun adventures, been through some bizarre times and had each other’s back through it all. We met in college, went on to work together and really grew into adulthood with each other. It’s no wonder that no matter what happens with us, it seems to somehow make us stronger.

This long distance was sure to be the breaking point for us, but we’ve somehow made it work and now together we count the short number of days left ’til we reunite for good. The birth of our rambunctious little power ranger I’m sure had a lot to do with us pushing through. I dunno why I thought it was a good idea to shoot this video on the bed. When she’s on the bed she’s interested in nothing else but jumping. 😐

You’ll probably have to be a mom to decipher some of it 🙂 Happy birthday hubby dearest, I love you and I can’t wait!

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