I phased out putting acrylics on my nails some time back for several reasons. For one, I realised that I wasn’t on the type of budget any more that allowed the bi-monthly upkeep it needs. That meant that I’d do them for a special occasion, then  after two weeks they looked like sh** and were a pain to sit and soak off. Secondly, I had long stopped wearing them very long. Even when I got acrylics, they were always short and painted full polish, one colour, no designs. Designs were so college days. Thirdly, I never really had a problem growing my natural nails. I drink a lot of milk after all. 😉 And a by-product of using natural oils in my hair has definitely been the strengthening of my nails. They chip much less these days. So with all of that blended together along with a pin I recently repinned on my pinterest page, my interest in doing my own nails resurfaced with a vengeance. I did a short course in nails one time long time when I wanted to make a few bucks while going to school and though I’m no artist, I can at least do my own nails. 

That pin brought on more pins, some blog posts and the discovery of an amazing youtube channel with a girl who is amazing at this seemingly difficult and elusive water-marbling technique. It seemed so touch-and-go with many people not being able to master the technique that I decided to start off simple and slowly re-up my arsenal of nail supplies. I picked up this blue colour at my favourite beauty supply store and I was a little geeked because this particular blue colour seems to be all the rave now and it has glitter!!! Who doesn’t love some sparkle?

There’s a lot to be said about my clean-up abilities I know. I tend to let it dry completely and then just kinda pick at the paint on my fingers/cuticle until it comes off. I need to do better. But yeah, don’t you just love this colour? I got it in purple too! 😀 Should I keep up the mani posts? Are ya digging it?


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