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I was looking forward to my restaurant week stop at Oceans 21 Seafood Restaurant as I’d been to the restaurant’s pasta night and enjoyed the pasta immensely and the picture they toted of their shrimp basket was enough to pull me in. I love me some shrimp.

I got up that morning and decided to do a little deep conditioning to my hair. I read that while transitioning I’d need to do some protein treatments to try and keep the relaxed parts of my hair strong so I whipped together some things I had in my kitchen: avocado, honey, an egg and some mayo. The raw egg and the avocado really smelled so wonderful in my hair. </sarcasm> As I said in my last hair post, a braid out isn’t my style, I prefer the softness of a twistout better so I decided to try it. I do love learning how to care for and style my own hair but I need to always remember the drying time. I spent two and a half hours under the dryer waiting for these 5 twists to dry throughout the day. I wasn’t amused. And because it’s mostly relaxed I had to make sure it was completely dry. The oils I’d put in would make sure it took the longest time it could to dry. Ugh. The result was so worth it though! I love my twist out and it will be my go-to style when I need to be fancy. To think that I haven’t even started to use any of the shea/kinky/curly/jessie products that everyone’s raving about yet. I haven’t made it to the beauty store yet so all I’ve been using is my Organic Root Stimulator Hair Lotion and my mix of olive/coconut/castor oil.

I love it! I thought I would have to make frequent trips to the hairdresser to get my curly on until I made my big chop but already I’m finding styles and ways to do my own hair that are easy and cute. I was feeling myself so much that I didn’t even wear any makeup out to dinner, I just popped on some lipgloss and I was out the door.

I’m dying to try this on my fully natural hair. I have a whole lotta hair on my head so it’s bound to be fuller. On the blogs they always say smaller twists lead to a more defined twistout that will last longer but I’m not looking for definition and certainly won’t be promising to twist my hair small unless I plan to wear the twists as a style itself for a day or two first. I remember how long it took me to do twists when I was in high school. No ma’am. One of the hesitations that I had about going natural is the amount of time I’d have to spend trying to achieve a cute hairstyle. I’m liking the times so far on these easy 5 twist and braid outs. Now to get a trim and some products.

Dinner for 5 dwindled down to dinner for two so I didn’t take any food pics. I had to keep reminding myself that it was the low price point that the restaurant had placed themselves in that explained how ridiculously small the portion sizes were. The shrimp basket was delicious, I loved the pepper sauce and the sausage that was included and I think the number of shrimp was adequate, but the appetizer and the dessert were ridiculously tiny. Shoutout to the cocktail though, at least it wasn’t a mocktail this time around. Mmmmm rum. My friend’s shrimp alfredo left much to be desired as well. Too little sauce, too little parmesan cheese, too little flavour in the shrimp. I won’t bring up the fact that he was an hour late an almost had me dining by my lonesome. Nope, I won’t. He’s lucky he makes for great company and that’s all I’ma say about that.

At the end of the night I came home and tried to figure out how I was gonna preserve my lovely style. I can’t believe that I actually took the time to twist it back up! Who does that? Clearly I didn’t have enough rum. It was only 4 twists but really, my head is usually lucky if I even take the time out to slap the satin bonnet on it after a night out but I actually took the time to twist it back up so I could continue to look effortlessly fly throughout the weekend. Well alrighty then. Now I just need somewhere to go…

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