Oakley Women's X Back Bikini Top - Green Print SSo as you know I’ve been rather disappointed with the HCG diet so far because I have only lost 10lbs in a month. That is an amazing feat on its own but not on the HCG diet. But admittedly, I have not followed their diet strictly because 500 calories a day is really painful and the weekends have been horrid as my social life picks up unexpectedly. However, I have a very sedentary lifestyle and did not incorporate much exercise with the program. They ask you not to do anything heavy because you’re only eating 500 calories but suggest you do some walking.

So last week I started doing my Jillian Michaels DVD again, it would be considered heavy exercising as there is strength training involved but the workout is only 20 minutes. Somehow I doubt 20 minutes a day can deliver on the promises that Jillian Michaels issue but I’ve been fortunate enough to also find walking partners that are motivated to keep at it. You know life is easier when you have partners to push you plus my goals are firmly planted in my mind. I must lose this weight once and for all. So we started walking in Emancipation Park on Monday of this week. 10 laps = 3 miles and we do it in one hour.

Last night when we went I jogged a bit of my way and was pleasantly surprised at my endurance. I never thought I would ever be a jogger but now I’m motivated to keep going. I want to be able to jog a whole lap. One lap is 500 meters. Every time I complete a round of exercise I look down at myself like damn…I’m still fat. Ugh. Gotta keep going! I’m walking around the track doing my power walking and the skinny heffas are floating past me and I’m like why are they even here? If I looked like them I certainly wouldn’t be on no track sweating away when I could be at Tracks and Records eating sliders and deep fried shrimp with coconut cocktails.

Then I think to myself that’s the reason I’m fat! Here I am thinking about mud slides with the good ice cream and the skinny heffas pushing past me like “ugh look at her! lemme do one more lap” Lifestyle change…lifestyle change…say it with me lifestyle change!!!!! WHEN I get to that stage I gotta maintain too. Gotta keep my endurance up and my sexy going. So far today I have had an apple, half a chicken breast and some broccoli. Damn I’m hungry! Lemme go make some sugarless tea. I need to make it into my swimsuit at the end of this month.


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