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How to Adult Vacay in Orlando

Recently I took a trip to Orlando, a location famous for family vacations what with its abundance of theme parks and whatnot. Disney being the GOAT of them all is there after all as is the Nickelodeon Family Resort that I visited just this past March with my family. What prompted me to go to Orlando on my little rendezvous? A coupon I purchased randomly only a few weeks after returning from that trip. The coupon gave me three nights and a dinner for two at the Wyndham Orlando which is right on International Drive. There were no kids on this trip but we still played and had loads of adult fun.

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How to Adult Vacay in Orlando

  1. Stay on the strip: all major destinations have a strip, boardwalk or hub of the activity downtown somewhere. Usually, I bargain hunt for a hotel that’s cheap and close to the airport since the time at the hotel is limited on these trips. You’re out enjoying the attractions or the shopping after all. This time, however, coupon in hand, I went out of my ordinary and stayed right on the strip, which in Orlando is International Drive. We were able to walk to dinner the night we landed, walk to Starbucks the next morning for breakfast and walk to a pub for drinks and fun times, avoiding any possible DUIs.
  2. Rent a car: Now that I was on the strip, I debated getting a car since I knew I would be able to walk everywhere. I;m so glad I did as I can’t imagine how I would’ve gone shopping without a car. The malls are not close to anything. We were also able to take a leisurely drive up north to visit a winery, away from the bright lights of the strip.
  3. Try new places: Starbucks is the only place I went to that I’ve been to before as I wanted to try the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. While it was good, dinner at BJs was great and even our stop at Buffalo Wild Wings hit the spot as their Shrimp Po Boy was delicious!
  4. Do touristy things: While my experience riding the Orlando Eye didn’t exceed any expectations, the pictures are fabulous and the memories created will outlast the experience. Likewise, though a Spanish night spot was across from our hotel, we opted to go to a western themed lounge and I had a blast dancing on the bars! Felt like I was in Coyote Ugly.
  5. Theme parks! Of course, I couldn’t go to Orlando without riding a roller coaster or two?!?! You just can’t visit a location without trying what they’re famous for. Instead of Disney however which would have surely killed my short trip with wait times, I researched the area and found Fun Spot, a small theme park with a few rides and lots of go-karts for the racing enthusiasts. I went on a school day which meant having the park practically to myself and it was glorious! Yaaaaas for the inner child experience! I thought I was going to lose my stomach on the swing! Fun Spot Orlando

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My Orlando vacation was definitely too quick. I thoroughly enjoyed this town and will return for similar trips to get away and have some fun. I danced on top of bars while drinking $5 whiskeys and visited affluent lake-side properties with house-hunting friends. It’s nice to be able to hop on a plane for a quick trip to rejuvenate, relieve stress and connect with friends. I’ll also definitely be back for the coveted Disney run!

How to have a Grown Up Vacation in Orlando

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