As summer comes to a close and many of us are planning our next adventure, I have one to recommend that I bet you haven’t thought of yet. Grab your loved ones and let’s head for adventure in the Wild West! I came across a beautiful property recently called Spotted Horse Ranch in the state of Wyoming. The ranch is located next to a forest, has a river
running through the property with cabins close by, and is family-owned and -operated. It’s also close to two U.S. national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Exploring the National Parks

Yellowstone Park Geyser

Image via Flickr by jevx

Yellowstone National Park sits atop a volcanic area with active geysers and hot springs, and it’s home to one of the USA’s highest waterfalls. The park is also huge, spreading across three states. It’s so expansive that within it you’ll find dramatic differences in landscapes,
from canyons to rivers to forests, along with hundreds of species of flora and fauna that you won’t find here in Jamaica.

Nearby, Grand Teton National Park is also a mountainous range famous for hiking, camping, and fishing. In the valley of this mountainous region sits a town called Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where you’ll find Spotted Valley Ranch.

The True Wild West

Spotted Valley Ranch has a five-star rating and sounds like the perfect place to explore when you’re not out trekking the parks. Many trails into the nearby forest start right on property, which means you can go hiking and horseback riding guided by experienced wranglers into the lush, rugged terrain.

On days when you’re not off adventuring, whitewater rafting, or fishing, you’ll enjoy Western-style steak, ribs, and fried chicken as you prepare to roast marshmallows on the bonfire at night. The saloon on property, with happy hour drinks and pool hall, sounds like the perfect hangout spot.

Adventure on Any Budget

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Image via Flickr by Larry Johnson

If you’re not lucky enough to stay at the Spotted Valley Ranch, there are dozens of other hotels to choose from in Jackson Hole for the budget traveller to the luxury adventurer. That means that we all can load up and head to town for the rodeo! I can definitely see myself in a cowboy hat and boots at the biweekly Jackson Hole Rodeo!

I’m also intrigued by the Jackson Hole Playhouse, which puts on a live theatre show right after dinner. As a fan of the theatre, the Wild West-style plays that are straight out of a classic novel or film sound like great fun! It would make the perfect date night or night out looking for boys.

I’m ready to take a different kind of vacation, one filled with outdoor adventure, Western charm, and activities that I’ve only read about or seen in films. Take a family vacation, exposing children and elders to a different type of lifestyle, a baecation with just the significant other, or even a girls’ or boys’ trip to deepen that bond. Are you ready to slap knees and beer with me?


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