’twas only some short weeks ago I was Irie Minaj. But I had no chill. Even though I truly loved the pink, I was feeling the twitch again. I wanted a deeper, richer purple. So I bought the same purple dye I used to get the pink, but I bought some blue food colouring to tip into it to you know, give me a deeper violet hue. But of course, as with all things Irie, I over did it. 😀

And I love it! LOL. Experimenting is great, gives the best results sometimes. But as you can see from the pic, I left a tiny bit of the purple at the very front. I can’t lie, I do love that purple and already can’t wait for some of this blue to wash out so that I can go over it with my purple wand. But I’m having fun with the blues right now, and I think every body else is too. When my hair was pink everybody stared and made comments amongst themselves, only the brave few came up and said something, whether in shock or complimenting. But not now. No chill. Everybody wants to know how I did it, what colour I used, full breakdown. It’s fab!

Oh I remember when this top went un-chosen in my closet for many many months because it was too tight. Have you had your green smoothie yet? Do you like the blue? The purple patch in the middle kinda looks like grey hair lol… Preferred the pink? What are your thoughts?


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