Adventures in Hair Colour: It’s Irie Minaj yo!

Hey hey now! Am I having too much fun with my natural hair? I might be. Some people are waiting to see it fall out from all the abuse I throw at it, but I throw a lot of love at it too! It was time for a colour switch and waddya know, a normal colour just wouldn’t do! You know me! I was inspired by this post, isn’t it lovely?

I absolutely loved it and was hoping to recreate it, but I wanted it to be noticeable at day and night. Hers, she said, was only noticeable in bright sunlight. So of course, I went ahead and bleached my hair even more *covers eyes* before adding in my colour. I couldn’t find any pink here so I picked up a bottle of purple semi-permanent hair colour that looked very dark on the bottle. I was actually worried it was going to be a very deep dark purple, but these rinses never take fully, I should have known.

So yes I bleached the bejesus outta my head first and then added in a purple colour and came out with:

Not what I was going for but it’s so much fun! I love it and will be keeping it, at least for now. One of the reasons I was so taken aback by the recent fire-engine red that I did was my hairline. I think with these un-natural colours, it just looks too weird coming right out your scalp, so I made sure to keep the bleach away from my hairline and maintained some of my natural hair colour there…to keep things in perspective. The pink will wash out soon enough and I already have a bottle of blue colour waiting to take it’s place 😉 I want to go deeper purple. After the purple I do believe I will go to a normal brown colour and nurse it back to health with a few trims and conditions until I’m ready to take on blonde, lovely blonde.

After I coloured I did a protein treatment, but I could feel that it was still not it’s baby soft self so I followed up yesterday with a banana, honey, egg, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil and hemp oil in my hair giving it some much needed love. It’s back to about 70% of it’s usual softness, so I’ll be giving it extra love and attention.

You digging it? hehe

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