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An amazing year

Yesterday I got my adult on and hosted Christmas dinner for the fam at my house. Both my fam and boo’s fam were present. I did the mac and cheese (ode to my mama) and the ham. Note…I don’t eat ham so this was my first time. I just had to…what’s Christmas without ham they said. I also did the ‘tato salad and boo did an amazing fish in foil complete with stuffing and bammy and he did the roast chicken. Grandpa (my dad) did some amazing sorrel and lil sis did the salad. We also had more chicken, curry goat and gungo rice and peas. With all that cooking I was completely pooped by the start of dinner but it was all worth it and I would do it all over again…as long as the next time is a year away!

It was great to see my grandma and I’m happy we were able to skype with my mom at the end of the night. Munchkin was doing well but as more and more people clamored in she got over stimulated and got real miserable. She and poppa disappeared to the bedroom before the end of the night to calm down and sleep. Today she turns 11 months old and this month was an amazing month for her. She has a whole plethora of words and actions and her personality is really on shine. It is the cutest thing to see her say “uh oh” after something falls. Or say “eeeooww” trying to make the cat sound and “e i e i o” when singing old mcdonald with her father. She says “pawpaw” which is one of her favourite fruits and since the Christmas tree went up she points at it and says “tee”


Next month my baby is one year old! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. I can’t even remember what she was like as a “baby” before she knew how to cruise and crawl and sit and snap at me. Good thing we got videos!

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