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I’ve been meaning to get myself a pair of teal-coloured jeans for the longest while now and it just hasn’t happened, mostly because I dunno what size to get. I need to go visit a local store and figure out my current jean size. Anyway, now that America is in “fall” mode, the tide’s beginning to change and I’m being bombarded with pumpkin marketing and burnt everything colour. Recently Afrobella posted the below photo on Instagram asking which she should choose as she was about to buy one. 

My first reaction was “eek! none!!!” I wasn’t really feeling them at all and decided I’d go with the deeper of the two if I had to. Then the Forever21 FB page posted the first pic in this post and my first thought was “ooh that’s cute.” Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture in order to pull something together. I hopped on polyvore to come up with a few more creations of my own.

Coloured Jeans

Now I really want that spongebob shirt smh. What do you think of the outfits I came up with? Are you rocking coloured jeans this season?

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