Isn’t it just grand how babies make every one go “aaawwww” and just kinda melt and get all warm and soft?



My Pa turned grandpa has been hilarious throughout this whole experience. I’ve always had a great relationship with my father. He’s the “cool” dad who would allow me to have all my friends over and pretty much do what I wanted within reason. Not much fussin’ plus I was a good girl. 😉

As a teen, I pushed the limits further and further till he basically got on my nerves as the ‘rents tend to do til I branched out and went on my own. Since the birth of my little munchkin, I moved back home so I could get all the help I could since munchie’s father lives out of the island. It warms my heart to see grandpa so excited with my little one.

She lights up when he is around as it’s guaranteed playtime, rough and tumble as if she’s a boy and she loves it. He is utterly amused at every little thing she does: “she going walk early you know,” “she understand you man, she know what you saying,” “you see dat? how she know to do that?” and the incessant “she do it!” after he tried to get her to do something. If ever he thinks she has mimicked some action of his then the next 5 or 10 minutes after will be spent trying to get her to do it again. Bless his heart.
Grandpa and Munchkin

I really love that all of her grandparents are absolutely delighted with their new role and all 4 take an active part in her life. She is positively blessed to have them all in her life and I know her life will be that much richer because of it. So in celebration of Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, I’m taking a small moment to say thanks dad. Good fathers are few and far in between and I am blessed to have you in my life and in my little munchies.


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