Jamaican Carnival Time Again! Experience Bacchanal Jamaica

Every year I make grand plans to jump in Jamaica Carnival and every year those plans allude me when it comes time to swipe the card for anywhere between US$240-450. I remind myself that it’s just one day and until I own a home, it’s not that serious. I’ve done it before and so I convince myself every year that I can forego the parade and make it to the after parties. Well, this year, thanks to the kind votes of you my readers, friends and followers of my social media accounts, I was able to win a carnival costume from the Jamaica Observer in their Tendars section. This is what the costume looked like

Bacchanal Jamaica 2015

I love this picture so much, they look absolutely perfect in the costume. What I love about the costumes as they evolve each year is the different variations within the same band. Check out these pictures of more Tendars sectioners as well as a few of the frontliners in all their Queen of the Band fabulousness:

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So pretty! Here I am in my modification, I wanted to cover up but wasn’t given a monokini option so went with this old circle skirt instead. It allowed me to still feel beautiful without always wondering whats’s falling out of where on the road.


As you can see, the head piece didn’t last long. I tied it up on my back for most of the way. Oh how I wish I had received the shoulder piece instead. However who am I however to complain! The day was fantastastic, one of the better Carnival experiences I have had on the road. We kept close to a drinking station so we were always topped up, the rain drizzled half way through which was a blessing on my torched face and, I lost the bottoms of my boots. Womp. Next year I will definitely be tying up my hair in some way if I make it out on the road. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from Bacchanal Jamaica 2015.

22006_10152835338740897_5504962195430856905_n 988915_926889330688477_1110310620572304851_n 1507831_912327148807057_5047343559580222320_n 1975173_926897464020997_372668730637561441_n 10933822_10152835339535897_2047047354312920662_n 11057860_913350345371404_5805981078911028861_n 11147855_10152835343330897_1067783865752220350_n 11149119_912322585474180_932480464923925126_n 11149451_926896610687749_5191250300256112443_n 11169827_912319048807867_7241015781784805326_n

There’s just something about reveling in the streets of the city with wild abandon that keeps me going back. Are you a fan? Were you out on the road?

Experience Carnival in Jamaica as costumed revelers march through the streets of Kingston

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