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So there’s this blog I read every now and then by a guy who is absolutely hilarious. He’s a Brooklyn native who seems to have worn him some Kangol caps and knows what a dutty wine is so hey, appealed to me right off the bat. He started to blog about his “Operation Shrink a Gut” which has always stuck with me because of its catchy name. Well, I’m back on the wagon and I’m hoping to make some real strides this time around. I’m a yo-yo dieter at its finest. I have weight that I get really uncomfortable with that whenever I see it staring back at me, I wild out and hit the gym and cut crazy things out of my diet. Then my jeans will start to fit better and I fall right off that wagon.

Well, I don’t have that luxury this time around for several reasons:

  1. I still look like I’m pregnant, which means my bottoms can’t zip up/button and my dresses look 6 months going…
  2. My stomach is so out of proportion with everything else that shedding only a few pounds really won’t cut it.
  3. I really want to be healthy. Why open up myself to diabetes and heart attacks and all those health risks for the sake of a donut?
  4. I never want my munchkin to go through the weight struggles that I went through as a teenager/young adult so I’m hoping to at least show her the way to eat right and make healthier choices easy for her.
  5. And of course, I want to look hot..well…hotter 😉

The good folks at work have started some type of weight loss challenge. They’ve given us dietary guidelines and have arranged exercise activities for us in groups. While I can’t say I’m extra excited about grouping up with the folks at work enough to participate in all their activities, what I am happy about is the support group. My closest co-workers are all on the challenge with me and answering the great big question of “whats for lunch?” every day gets easier and easier if you have people beside you encouraging you not to order Chinese

The gym is out of budget for me currently but I’ve exercised at home before depending on my motivational levels and I dare say I’m very motivated to get within the recommended weight for me. I know that the biggest part of weight loss is always about what you put in your mouth. This is how I always lose a quick 10lbs when I want to. Now it’s about that lifestyle change for long-term success that I’m after. I found and spent all day today on  Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, which affirmed much of what I knew. I also picked up a ton of new tricks as well. Her story is amazing, especially in her tummy area….I always figured that with huge weight loss comes a flabby belly and surgery. Maybe not? You know what’s more affirming? She did it in a year. No quick fixes. Lets Go!
My biggest difficulties are my sweet tooth and my love for alcoholic cocktails. I don’t want to totally cut myself off from these things because these are things that I enjoy. I’ll forever be searching for healthier ways to indulge, like i’ve recently crowned the naseberry my favourite fruit next to mangoes. No better way to get a sweet tooth satisfied than nature’s own. Of course, I’ll have to remind myself not to eat 3 and four at a time…
Munchkin’s father put me on to oatmeal when I was preggers. I used to eat oats all the time but he made me switch to the raw kind which is more filling and probably more nutritious. It really is a power food and there are a myriad of benefits why you should eat it, every day even! I’m sure he is doing it wrong, eating a whole potful at a time but yeah there a million and one healthy ways to make it taste less bland and it’s so quick and convenient and filling! It’s an absolute great substitute to cereal as well, which I have sadly discovered that there really aren’t many healthy kinds out there. Way too much sugar. Sigh…
But I will press on. I often watch food network and see them telling me to switch mashed potatoes for mashed up cauliflower. Well, I finally tried it and and it works like a charm! Hey! Way to sneak in more veggies there. I’m on to this recipe next, everybody knows that spinach (callaloo for me) and cheese goes really well! Oh yes I’m all over new recipes now…watch me work!
Consider the above my official “before” pic. No bueno.

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