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Back to life as we know it: the cycles of LDRs

I’ve been in a long distant relationship longer than I cared to be in one. We both know that if munchkin hadn’t come along it would have long fizzled out and died. We were young and one half of us just wasn’t ready to settle down….the other half was tired of wishing and hoping. If he hadn’t left the country, we would have surely fought it out but with all the distance between us we were ready to let it go. I was anyway. But with new reasons to stay together and the old ones still fresh in our hearts we decided to “panka” on in the relationship from afar hoping to keep the fire fanned over the next year or so. The say frequent visits help to keep one focused. They’re right. Its not so bad…since I have munchkin to keep me occupied anyway…I dunno whats happening on the other end and I’m can’t bother to worry about all that.

The part especially that I don’t care for right now is the cycle of the visits. If its a short visit, you’re giddy right thru-out. You’re super-excited to see each other and it takes precedence over everything else. You stifle arguments because you don’t want to waste a moment of the time mad at each other and the buzz is higher than what you’d be experiencing if you saw each other everyday. Before you know it, its time to separate again and cross off calendar days till the next. If its a longer visit, then you get more and more comfortable with the person being around and start to work them into your routine then braps!! Theyre gone.

When I left my munchkin at the nursery Monday morning she cried so loud and long it made me choke up. From what I can tell she loves her nursery so it made me real sad to see her react this way. She got used to being home with her dad over the past 3 or so weeks and I guess she wasn’t happy with the change. Its probably not a good idea to break her away from her routine like that. I can’t help it for the next cycle tho as it won’t be in Jamaica. This morning she wimpered more than full on cry…I guess she’ll get over it but it broke my heart. The bond that she forged with her father this Christmas was worth it big time tho. She surely loves her daddy.

In a couple months we take a trip up north. Hopefully a bit of the frost will have passed and the weather will be nice.

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2 thoughts on “Back to life as we know it: the cycles of LDRs

  1. That’s so sad. :-(( Poor Munchkin. She doesn’t understand so it’s all very confusing for her, and she’s having separation anxiety. Just try to make her feel safe and secure. But it will not be easy … Hang tough, mum!

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