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Beach Party Must Haves: Don’t Leave Home Without These

Happy Easter! Tis the season for beach parties in our beautiful island nation Jamaica. My absolute favourite thing about living on the islands has to be the abundance of beach parties. It’s my favourite favourite favourite type of party! So trust me when I say I know what you need to enjoy yourself all day long!

Beach Party Must Haves: Dont leave home without these


1. Sunblock – of course, number one on the list is sunblock. It’s going to be hot! Most people hit beach parties just before sunset as the sun is beginning to cool down and you’re in time to show off your outfit and snap pictures in good light. Apply sunscreen to your skin before you leave home. It’s a good idea to bring it to reapply, especially if you sweat or are likely to go in the water. At the very least, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15-30.

2. Lipstick/gloss – beach parties tend to be longer than night parties because they go from day to night which means our makeup takes more of a beating than a night out. You’re likely to be munching on something delectable at some point through the night so be sure to bring your lippie to reapply.

3. Wristlet – this is your best bet on the beach to keep your hands free for drinks or selfies while keeping all your knickknacks in place. These two are genuine leather from Fossil. They’re stylish and big enough to stash your phone, sunnies when the sun goes down, get vex money, keys, ID, cards, travel sized sunscreen/moisturizer and lip gloss. You don’t need anything else at a beach party. (click image to buy)

4. Sunnies – Surely you can’t go to a beach party without a pair of sunnies that make a statement while protecting your eyes from the rays. Ban those rays with these cute classic aviators or my pick, these Jackie Ohhs both from Ray-Ban.

If you have a few more coins to spend, these Pradas are very trendy right now and come in a variety of colours to suit your personality.

5. Sandals – Bridget’s are the go-to sandals in this demographic in Jamaica which means you’ll be in the same sandals as everybody else. Branch out and get something stylish that feels better on the sand or even in the water. Leather upper with rubber sole has never looked so good. Function and style. Just don’t be that girl trying to navigate sand in heels.

6. Water bottle – it’s becoming a trend to bring your own signature cup or bottle to these types of parties because going to the bar countless times really isn’t the business. Bring this infuser bottle filled with water to sip in between your cocktails to keep yourself hydrated and responsible. An infuser bottle will add style, function AND taste/nutrition to your party experience. Add some fruit in the insert and fill it with water from the night before so that your water will be ready to go in time for the party.

7 – Beach hair and hair ties – remember, it’s hot. Now is probably not the best time to wear a weave down to your back. Skip the slick hair that won’t hold up in humidity or a fancy hairstyle that’s just doing too much for the beach. Pretty curls, beachy waves, carefree hair and a backup scroogie just in case you have to tie up your situation when it gets too hot and humid is a must.

Remember to wear an outfit that will take you from day to night. You might ditch the cover-up during the day but you may need it if it gets nippy at night. Wear something that you’ll be comfortable in and won’t be self-conscious in the whole time. Paint your nails a pretty tropical colour and keep your accessories light and fun. Let loose and enjoy yourself, just do it responsibly so you won’t feel like you want to bury your face in the sand the next day. See you on the sands this weekend!


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