Beating the summer heat in a Caribbean Island

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I had a perfect weekend last weekend, it made me want to live EVEN CLOSER to the beach. I know, we island people are so greedy. I only live 25 minutes away yet still.

Last weekend I went to visit my mom who lives near the tourist town of Ocho Rios. She was having a cookout for some family members we haven’t seen in a while and I brought a friend and her son with me. My mom, the lover of horses that she is, arranged for a horseback riding trip as she does whenever visitors are around.

We had a full day of horsey adventure. The horses we rode belonged to some neighbours in the community. We went on a trail all through the hills and then down onto the coastline. The horse even took us in the water just like the much more expensive Chukka Tours does. The perks of being a local in a vacation destination. ūüėČ

We lazed on the beach for a while after our horse rides and then prepared for the cookout planned for the next day. This included a stop at the local market to pick up fresh veggies and starches.

Ocho Rios Market

The market was a hot, noisy, bustling mess and yet I still left realising that I need to start going to the market back in my hometown of Kingston. The produce is just so fresh and inviting and you never know what you may find.

We were able to purchase some turmeric which I haven’t been able to get fresh for so long. I want to incorporate into my everyday lifestyle because of¬†it’s amazing health benefits.

The yams and sweet potatoes were prettier, the peppers a little more sturdy and the pineapples a little more sweet. I was kinda digging it.

Back at the ranch, everybody gathered under the mango tree at the front of the house to cool down. Ocho Rios is not nearly as hot as Kingston town but it surely does get hot. The mango tree was everybody’s favourite spot.


When it was time to head to the beach the next day, we straddled up again and took the scenic way down to the beach.

Horse back riding in Ocho Rios

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live one quick horseback ride away from the beach? Munchkin loves the horseys.

But yes, I’ve figured out the secret to beating the heat! It’s all in the timing. Spend the hottest part of the day submerged in water! Yes! Go to the beach from around 10-11ish and stay till at least 3. When the sun is high in the sky, bury yourself deep in the sea.


It wasn’t even the best beach in the resort town but it was the closest and it did the job well. Didn’t hurt that some guys who had just ended their shift at a¬†construction site provided us with conversation and eye candy as we stayed cool in the Caribbean sun.

When we got home, we continued the country-life theme and hosed ourselves down in the yard under the cool, refreshing pipe water. Lawd, I felt good. Simple pleasures.

At that time the cookout had already gotten under way and I was able to keep cool even with a jerk pan in the yard raising the heat. See, once you’ve been in the water for the hottest part of the day, you’ll ultimately stay cool for the rest of it! I’m pretty sure.

Caribbean cookout jerk pan

Inside the grill pan after the chicken was done was some pork, fish in foil and yams and sweet potato roasting. It was a good time!

Munchkin ran around with our family and friends picking ackee, climbing trees and chasing chickens and goats while we laid out around the jerk pan with some good old Jamaican white rum keeping the conversation lively.

It’s summertime! Make sure you’re taking some time to destress, get away from the usual hustle and bustle and connect with family and friends.

Here are some more tips on beating the summer heat from all the way in Thailand. Don’t you just love this time of year?

Iriediva and munchkin



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