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I dunno exactly when the term “fashionista” was coined but I found quite a few definitions floating around. Simply put, a fashionista is a follower of fashion trends. Someone who keeps up with what’s current and displays a unique style with every outfit. It’s not necessarily the person rocking all the trends, its the person who is able to do so while being unique and interesting each time with whatever piece they’re presented with. Keeping true to the trends might result in you looking like a copycat of everyone out there or might result in a total fail if you’re not quite sure how to spin your own style on it and make it work for your body. Fashion is a reflection of the trends, style is a reflection of you, a fashionista knows how to blend the two.

With all that said, I was browsing FashionBombDaily recently and saw persons tearing down the writer’s choice for “Fashion Bomb of the day” saying her clothes looked cheap as if they were from Rainbow and other affordable stores in the US. I can guarantee you that I can go to the Salvation Army, look thru their donations and pick out a “fashionable” outfit. You and I both know that high price does not equal high style, let us not get this twisted! Accessories play such a big part as well, it can make a mundane, “cheap” or everyday outfit really pop.

I consider myself a fashionista of my own closet. I buy items I can refashion or wear with a million things because as much as I’d love to…my budget doesn’t allow me to shop every month. I also like things that would be considered left-wing, though I may not go as far as a Solange or an Estelle, I like to do crazy things sometimes. Fashion is fun and I play with it a lot. Since becoming a mother I kinda look drab these days, there was no real desire to dress up this new body. You know how we get trying to wait until we lose weight. That is a mistake however that you can hear Stacy London talk about every day on “What Not to Wear.” Always dress for the body you have.

So how about a little inspiration? What exactly do you think a fashionista is? Know any? If you consider yourself a fashionista, do you feel pressured to always look the part:? Do you have days when you’re off and days when you go all out or are you consistent with your look?

Simple Shirt Dress Belted

This simple look I chose to show versatility. It’s your basic white “shirt-blouse” but you can just imagine all the different combinations you can throw at a basic white piece right? Here I was heading to a red-and-white themed beach party and I had a red bikini underneath with my white flip flops…nothing special.


This look I’m a little more proud of because it was all my idea. So I need to change tailors as it really wasn’t constructed well (see how my lady lumps are all squished together) but it was so fun tho ^_^ This was NYE 2008. A big girl not afraid of some fun colors. And I love how my pumps perfectly matched the tulle underlay! Wasn’t planned that way but it totally worked.

From a casual look to a party look. I think these two looks define my style, fun, flirty, colourful, unique but always simple, very rarely OTT. Am I a fashionista? :S

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