Do You Believe in Manifestation? How to Accept That What You Want Can Be Yours

Do You Believe in Manifestation? How to Accept That What You Want Can Be Yours

I love the concept of the Law of Attraction as a way of creating your own life.

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Of course, you could see the expression “creating your own life” in many ways – from simply exercising more conscious choice to developing more conscious awareness, all the way through to being completely in control of what manifests in your life.

And by that, I mean getting your desires, wishes, and needs to be met by the timeless process of manifestation – which for the average citizen on planet Earth means using the law of attraction to manifest reality.

Do You Believe in Manifestation? How to Accept That What You Want Can Be Yours

But the problem is this: while we’re all attracted to the idea of manifestation, comparatively few of us can make it work.

That’s rather odd because something really profound about the Law of Attraction resonates with each of us at a deep soul level.

You might have experienced this yourself if manifestations work for you – certainly, you will have experienced a sense of astonishment, or perhaps a more accurate word is “awe” when something that you’ve been “programming” for suddenly manifests in reality.

However, it’s also undeniable that a lot of people have great difficulty with manifesting their desires.

So why would it be that you cannot use the Law Of Attraction to manifest reality?

Is it a measure of how important something is to us? That the more important a manifestation might be, the more difficult it is to bring it about?

Probably not, because the difficulty of any manifestation is more related to your level of belief than anything else.

I guess to the extent that it’s harder to believe in the possibility of some large objective manifesting, there might be truth in that statement, but I think we need to look deeper.

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How to Accept That What You Want Can Be Yours

So many people say that letting go and acceptance of “what is” is the basic key to manifestation. Then surely manifesting those things which are really important to us will be more? How will we simply sit back, meditate, visualize, relax and accept what is?

You’ll have heard of the old paradigm, indeed, for it is probably one of the ones by which you are living: results are achieved through hard work, possibly unpleasant work, and maybe even through suffering.

Certainly, many of us are brought up on beliefs like this, and these are very limiting to our ability to manifest anything successfully in the world around us.

But where else would a human being, in human form, living on this planet, base a projection of what might be the way to create the future (and here we are specifically talking about manifesting reality) than what has happened in the past?

Of course, that makes perfect sense.

But it could be that basing your thinking about manifestation on what’s happened in the past, which is based on your physical existence on the planet rather than the spiritual form of the universal intelligence, is a big mistake.

Surrendering to the universal force (Universal Intelligence) can be quite challenging. Surrender is a state which implies evolution towards trust in the source from which we came. But while we are living in this material world, surrounded by all the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that each and every one of us hold, surrender can be quite difficult.

There is obviously an evolutionary process at work here in the sense that the more you evolve spiritually, the more you will be able to surrender, and let go, the more able to trust in the universe and expect the highest possibilities that can manifest for you to really appear in your life.

It’s OK if you can’t do this right from the start of your manifestation journey, because unless you are a highly spiritually evolved human being, the difficulties you will face in believing that manifestation is reality may stop the process from happening.

Yet, by positively assessing all things that have happened in the past, you might be able to bring your awareness to some more satisfactory level – one perhaps where you can manifest small things.

And by the way, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to establish a state of perfection: you are working on your energy, you are engaged in a spiritual process which will help you evolve to a higher level of manifestation ability; so while you may need to work on your limiting beliefs, you certainly have all the basics of a successful “manifestor” already in place.

To the best of your ability, you need to wrap yourself in an aura of positive energy – by which I mean positive thinking.

This has gotten a bad rap over the years, simply because positive thinking has become a cliché.

But how much better to live your life in a state of joy and happiness and positive expectancy, than to wait for bad things to happen!

A state of negative thinking diminishes your experience of life on every level, and the negative beliefs which flow so easily from a negative state of mind will inhibit your ability to manifest in a massive way.

You can’t build trust in the ability of the universe to manifest your desires if you’re surrounded by negativity on many levels. The point is that negativity makes it hard for you to let in grace, hard to accept, hard to trust, and indeed prevents the very openness with which you can gracefully receive manifestations.

Needless to say, none of this negativity is actually yours. It was given to you by the people who raised you. It’s fair to say, I think, that they knew no better and that what they were doing was hopefully well-intentioned.

Even so, what they gave you – the negative introjections, which means the negative energies that you absorb from your caregivers – can be blocks to making manifestation work.

But there’s the challenge, perhaps the ultimate challenge: if you want to manifest anything successfully, the first thing you have to do is get away from the idea that knowledge is everything and accept that experience is the key to manifestation.

Manifest Your Desires Quickly Through Acceptance of What Is

The moment that we move away from focusing upon what we don’t have, and we begin to anticipate a solution or become excited about the prospect of moving forward towards our goal, we will experience the feeling of relief. This relief indicates a shift in our personal vibration. Once we reach a place where the thought of our desire brings a feeling of excitement rather than one of dread or lack, we can rest assured that we are getting closer to the actual manifestation of our desire.

When attempting to manifest your desires, making peace with the present is the most important step. This can no doubt be difficult to do at times. Difficult or not, it is necessary if you are to move into a reality where different occurrences and circumstances can readily flow into your experience. The law of attraction is in constant operation, when we choose positive thoughts about our present situation, we are utilizing it to our advantage.

All situations we’re attempting to change require the initial acknowledgment of desired change. If I was somehow completely content to have an empty bank account, I’d likely never cultivate the energy to manifest change regarding it. Desire is the precursor to all change and growth. Without desire of some sort, all life would cease to exist. We’d have no means to move toward further expansion. Desire in itself is not the problem.

The problem occurs when we get caught up in pining for something that we believe is not likely to manifest in our reality. The more we focus upon the fact that we do not have something we’re wanting, the more we effectively push it away. Law of attraction dictates that this is so. Somehow when desiring change we must find a way to begin to joyfully anticipate the manifestation of our desire.

The fastest way to manifest your desires is to accept that you do not currently have that thing or circumstance that you are wanting and to then begin reveling in the anticipation of the full manifestation of that desire.

How do you know you’re getting close? When you reach the point where thinking about the desire makes you feel good instead of lousy, anxious, or empty.

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