I like how my birthday plans just randomly came together on twitter at a moments notice. I was watching the trailer for Burlesque and it said the magical words “Opens Nov 24th” Sold! LOL

When I first saw it I thought it was gonna be a Showgirls remake. Anyone remember that movie with Jessi (I think) from Saved by the Bell? I was obviously waaaaaaaay too young to watch that movie when it just came out. I felt dirty lol. Fast forward *muffled* years later and here comes Burlesque with Christina Aguilera to bring back wonderful teenage memories.

November 24th happens to be a Wednesday, the same day that Palace Amusement normally opens new movies. It would be really wonderful if they opened it this same day so my birthday can be off and popping like it already is in my head. If not…well…there’s always Brand New Machine at Fiction night club. I haven’t been to a club in over a year and I’m not really on the edge of my seat waiting to return but I could pop some bottles. 😀

Nov 24th is kind of random, right before payday party weekend, so hopefully it won’t be all crowded but nice and vibesy.

I was watching these bad boys hoping to get them this month end for the bday celebration but unfortunately the blue is now sold out 🙁

Sigh. Aren’t they just gorgeous? Now I’ll have to look high and low for another pair that can take my mind off these. Sighhhhhh

Anyhoo. Will you be joining me for my birthday celebrations? Come celebrate with the DIVA


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