I’ve been searching for the longest while for a plus-sized woman that I could put on my vision board as inspiration for what I want to look like someday. I have no interest in being a size 2, I love curves! I love being soft and slightly pudgy, I just want to be able to wear dresses without looking 5 months pregnant, that’s all. Last year I was a size 16, now I’m about a 12 and my goal was always to be an 8.

Sure, Rihanna’s body looks absolutely banging in this swimsuit and it would be easy to put this pic up on my vision board as inspiration

But I’m a realist and the regimen that she has to keep such a body is not one I want to adopt daily. I don’t know what it would take to get my body into that kind of shape and I am not interested in finding out. We’re not similar in shape anyway, I got tig ol bitties and she has none, I was trying to find someone somewhat similar to me. Plus look at them bony arms? This photo below turns me on :$

Sexiness comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and this is the one I want for myself. I love it. Laura Wells reportedly has statistics of 36E bust, 32 inch waist, 42 inch hips but what I couldn’t find was her height and weight. I’ve always thought that I would be pretty straight when I lost weight because I’m not a very hippy gal and I have noassatall. My hips currently sit at 41 inches and my bust is a 36 DD in most brands and DDD in the rest which I believe is the same thing as an E? They report Laura as a size 10/12 which should mean I’m close to her shape…I just have a very problematic mid section I need to work on. C-sections will do that to ya…

Muffin top and thick thighs on the runway? Lovely! If you don’t think that’s sexy…that’s on you son!

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