Now that my munchkin is 7 going on 17, I’ve had to get really creative when it’s time to buy a gift. Gone are the days when I threw adorable Spongebob or Frozen parties and dolls and big block lego sets cut it as gifts. Now she’s into Minecraft and vlogging and watches way too many toy unboxing videos on her tablet.

Need to Buy a Gift for a Fun-Loving Big Kid- Here's Your Gift Guide


That’s a good and bad thing. It’s great because the list of things she wants is everlasting so I always have lots to choose from. It’s bad because the list of things she wants is everlasting.

If you’re an aunt or uncle who’s little toddler relative (or friend’s kid) isn’t so little anymore and you need to buy a gift but you’ve been wracking your brain for gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get right to this gift guide!

Gifts For Girly Girls

Mermaid Tail

mermaid tail

This one is first on my list because it’s the one I’ve been asked for a least three times a week since summer. Must. Get. A. Mermaid Tail. Sometimes I wish I were more of a Pinterest Mom than an Amazon Prime kinda mom because there are great tutorials on how to make your own however this one from Amazon sparkles and costs me no crafting. I’ll take one in pink, please.

Jewellery Box with Mirror

jewelry box with mirror

The mirror is very important. Munchkin received a similar box as a gift however her’s has no compartments, it’s just a big empty box. However, it has a lock and it has a mirror. Two key components. She calls it her secret box and she keeps her girly things in it like deodorant, lotions and body splashes. It’s red and glittery and she loves it. She doesn’t wear much jewellery as yet but I think she would love this box as well for all her little knick-knack toys that keep getting lost all over the place. Maybe now she will stop losing her important Minecraft lego pieces and her non-toxic nail polishes. Get yours here.

Girly Shower Curtain

Girly Shower Curtain

Girls love fun decor and shower curtains often go unchecked as a great place for a statement piece of decor. The girly girl who has her own bathroom would love this adorable piece as an extension of her personality. Hey, maybe mom would like it too! It’s not too young in design and a great pop of electric colour that would work in a light and bright bathroom. This one can be picked up here.

For the Curious Kid

Science Kits

Science Kit

If you’ve got a curious kid that you need to buy a gift for, this is a top option. This one I will be getting for munchkin as well as her mermaid tail. She loves crafting (poor me) and likes to recreate all the crazy experiments she watches on kids YouTube channels. Outside of the ones we do on our own with household ingredients, I think this will be a hit because hey, pretty packaging and easy instructions.

Kid Microscope Kit

Kids Microscope Kit

Going even further into science, this one feels less kid-like and more like you mean business. It’s described as having a metal arm and base, 6 magnifications from 20x to 1200x and includes a 52-piece accessory set and case. It was also awarded the 2016 top pick of microscopes for beginners, according to the seller.

STEM Swing Building Set

STEM Swing Building SetNeed to Buy a Gift for a Fun-Loving Big Kid- Here's Your Gift Guide

If you’ve got a little engineer on your hands, this STEM set is perfect to keep them busy while learning. This set is described as

Swing Ride Building Set includes 486 different brightly colored parts. Pieces include gears, variously sized connectors, and multiple styles of rods: short, long, straight and curved. These parts can be attached together to build simple structures or elaborate constructions, enhancing children’s imaginations and turning their ideas into working creations.

STEAMagination : It’s the connection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) with a child’s natural curiosity and creativity and it powers the fun of each and every K’NEX building set. Building with K’NEX puts children on a path towards a fundamental understanding of STEAM/STEM subjects.

REAL WORLD LEARNING: Study after study reveals that students have more success learning STEM subjects through activities related to the real world rather than reading about abstract concepts in textbooks. K’NEX Education sets allow students to build replicas of real-world machines and contraptions and through the lesson plans and experiments, gain a concrete understanding of the principles that make them work.

For the Techy Kid

VR Headset

VR Headset

I know munchkin would just die if she got these. These work with most smartphones and can be used to watch movies or play games. They’re really fun! This one is good for adults and kids alike. At $30, they’re a fantastic buy for such a feature rich, well-reviewed headset. Great deal!

Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

How often do I buy headphones for the kid? Oh, maybe every three months or so. You can try your luck with the more expensive types to see if they last longer in a kid household but my little one manages to get them to stop working ever so often so I go with cute ones like these. Hey, I’ve never tried wireless ones. Let’s see if the absence of a cord to short out makes the difference. These are here.

Beginner Drone

Beginner Drone

Now if you’ve got a real techy on your hands, you may want to get them started on drone technology. Perfect for my little budding vlogger. It describes itself as being easy to fly for beginners and not needing FAA registration. Perfect, worry-free techy gift. Get it here.

Bonus, who doesn’t love a great racing car?

Anki Nuke Expansion Car

The fun part about this car is that according to the reviews, whole families love to play this game! The car is controlled by a tablet or smartphone and 4 cars can race at a time. I’m very interested! See the reviews and videos here.

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I hope you found this gift guide helpful and you’re now well armed to go out and buy a gift! Is there anything that your big kid just absolutely loves that could be added to this list? Please, let’s hear it in the suggestions!

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