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Can you define your style?

So recently I was browsing FashionBombDaily and said hmmm maybe I should send my own pics to see what others think. We always feel we look good, friends tell us we look good, but what are people really thinking? Third parties offer up the best opinions. As I was going thru my pics I realised that there wasn’t really anything spectacular there! I was like “oh i looked cute here, this was nice, oooo this was cuuute” but nothing that made me go yeah this is definitely fierce!

Then it hit me. I am not fashion-forward! I am not fierce! I am just cute. And I’m ok with that. Now, many of the comments on my feature were harsh but I just let that roll off my back cus you know how we women get. I’m so happy I still went and ahead and submitted my cutesy pics because it helped me to finally put a finger on my style persona. As much as I love Rihanna and ’em, I doubt I could actually pull it off. I love ruffles, I love lace, I love pouffy skirts and flowy silhouettes. I’m a cutesy, girly-girl and I am A OK with that! Doesn’t mean I couldn’t build an edgy or fashion-forward look or wardrobe, just means it’s not the direction I have chosen for myself. I love all fashion, I appreciate it all but when it’s time for me to step out, I am trying to look cute. I love a pop of colour or something different. I’m not a matchy-matchy person all the time, I switch up my colours and add different accessories to one outfit.

One person said that my style was really cute and different accessories could have really taken my look to a whole new level. I totally agree. My accessory game needs an overhaul! I think that now that I have been able to narrow down exactly what my style is, it makes it much easier to shop. It makes it much easier to know what stores to go to, what patterns to look for and what looks to build in my head. Definition streamlines your headspace. So thanks to Claire for featuring my cutesy pics…you’ve helped this ‘nista find her style!

Can you define your style? Do you need some help with that? My suggestion is to look through years and years of your pics…all those old fb albums you have, go back and look at the outfits you chose and the progression. Do you see a pattern? Do you see a look that you were really comfortable in and another that makes you cringe? Start there and build upon your history, use it to define your style.

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3 thoughts on “Can you define your style?

  1. My style might be cute also. . . def not sexy, and I can't be a local celebrity
    but sometimes I think just a little touch of something like surprising makeup or an unusual hairdo can take the look someplace unexpected. . . ie a side bun or charcoal eyeshadow. . .

  2. i so cant define my style. i jus wear whatever looks good. i know for sure that im not a girlie girl with make up and all but i’m definately not a tom boyish.

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