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Sigh. Last year I really had hope for CFW. It really seemed to be going in the right direction in terms of organisation. But alas. New people equals new problems and staff rotation at Pulse is at momentous levels so no one gets a chance to learn from screw ups and make the next year better. It’s like it’s always in its inaugural stage. Whoever they hired to run the event last year were keepers, but they were obviously not kept. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 

I was ready bright and early to hit the event which had a start time of 7:00pm but still got there late waiting on my friend. It seemed however that they got that part right as the show was off and running when we got there. Kudos for time, one part of production that always falls down that they are finally getting right. It is important to note here that I was not there to cover the event as though I registered to be accredited as media, all my emails went unanswered. Maybe my blog is too small for them this year. My friend won tickets to go and so we went. Since they were general tickets we went prepared to upgrade them as I remember a table being set up last year where you could easily purchase a band to be upgraded to what they call “the party bar” which is simply drink inclusive access. Alas, that option was not available this year. I was also left wondering what the benefit of purchasing VIP tickets were since the VIP section was in the stands, the same place where we as general were seated and not behind the runway seats as per usual. Oh what a mess.

Anyway we sat in time to see the collections from the 4 remaining contestants on Mission Catwalk. The second collection had some earth tone pieces that were really nice:

However I have to say that none of the collections from the night really stood out in my mind. The night rolled on with a drag and I was just counting down at this point to hear Konshens sing his tunes and let me outta there. You can see Stush’s coverage of night one here. Anything to write home about? There were pieces that had the crowd going wild but no line that stood out in my mind. Here’s one such piece that the men all loved:

Another sore point for me were the empty booths. Maybe the booths will fill up tonight? There were only about 4 or 5 booths in total and I counted only 3 that were fashion or jewelry designers. I stopped at Tweak Boutique that had exquisite jewelry made of natural materials. They were all gorgeous and I would have snapped something up if I could find anything in my price range. Unfortunately the prices were over my head but I understand the quality of the pieces and appreciate the details.

I truly love this turquoise piece. They say the orchids are real, preserved in resin and… stuff…

I also stopped by Lee Ann’s Designz swimwear who will be showing her collection tonight. Shame that I won’t be there to see it but I look forward to the pictures. I didn’t realize that swimwear retails for these prices here in Jamaica, it’s definitely time to dust off my sewing machine!

The tribal print one-piece on the flyer looks just like me but for $7000 I’ma have to pass. Stop by Lee Ann’s Designz on facebook for more!

Shurwayne Winchester from Trinidad had the crowd going wild as he ran through not only popular soca songs but he went through hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, old school RnB, he was on a roll. He was in his element for sure and had the catwalk in a frenzy. Of course Konshens then came out after him and a good time was had by all. I envied him for one second, how cool would it be to sing a few bars and have ladies on the catwalk bubbling infront of you inviting you to rub up on their derriere? LOL #nohomo

It was an ok night, one I’m happy I didn’t shell out any dollars for. Tonight with Estelle should be better and Sunday with Brian Mcknight will be best? One designer lamented that this year seems to be more about the music than the fashion. After perusing the scanty booths and not being impressed much by Friday’s show, I have to agree. Were you there? What were your thoughts? Will you be attending tonight or tomorrow? If you are, let me see your outfit!

Here’s a look at one of the collections out of Turks and Caicos, Island Breeze by Saint George Fashion House.

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