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Caribbean Fashion Week 2014: The View as a Patron

Diamond Linton at CFW 2014

Caribbean Fashion Week may have kicked the bucket this year. If Pulse doesn’t go back to the drawing board to deliver something different at the next staging, I am calling this year as the time of death. By now, we’re all used to the delays, and by now, we’re all used to the set. Please Pulse, take us out of the stands next year and bring us to a venue a little more fashionable, a little more fabulous and a little more fun. Take us to a venue that makes us want to spend the money to come and see the designs and the entertainment, since you insist on charging an arm and a leg for the drink-inclusive experience. I believe your sponsors have spent enough for you to have a bar open to all your VIPs, as a member with media accreditation who had to purchase water, this is unacceptable. The numbers don’t lie, there were fewer designers this year, fewer booths and even fewer patrons. It took me a while to write my review as I was trying to be as diplomatic as possible but then I remembered that this is a blog. It’s my blog and this space is there I write how I feel and CFW 2014 left me feeling very blah. And that’s just it. The highlight of the whole event for me was Maxi Priest’s performance. I am impressed that he insisted on a band and loved it from start to finish. My only thoughts were “I wish he was on a proper stage so I could see him and he could give me a real performance” :/

Nobody cares any more Kingsley. You and team are in a bubble catering to an audience that is long gone. Bring us back or make this event invite only because the numbers must surely be hurting and sponsors fuming. As excited I am for each staging of CFW, I feel as if I’m not being considered by the production team at all as a patron. I’m not getting value for money. Pump a little imagination back into this one guys. I’m available for hire if you need.

IrieDiva at CFW2014

IrieDiva and Oriane Barrett at CFW2014

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