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How many of us dress like we’re in a tropical paradise? When you live here in Jamaica, we get used to the fact that we’re in what many call a dream destination, especially if you live in the hustle and bustle of Kingston town. The hubby knows that I prefer a dress over some jeans so recently when he visited home he came with a couple dresses in hand. I will admit that when I saw a couple of them I went “meh…smocked dresses are so…maybe on the beach…but then they’re so long”

I know a part of the reason I was all “meh” in my head was because they were tube dresses and you know how I hate to bare my arms. But I’m always complaining that I need more dresses and the prints on these were gorgeous so I decided to put them in regular rotation as they were much too long to be assigned as beach dresses. I wore this pretty blue one to a very informal, impromptu cooking class recently, which I blogged about here and man was I happy I wore it! I would have died if I had donned jeans and a tee. It was much too hot in that space for jeans. Plus I managed to look cute even in a cooking class and looking cute is always the aim 😀


It was a bright sunshiny day too. Look how the beautiful blue skies match my dress! Thanks hubbs, it’s a winner. I felt very caribbeany, vacationy, islandy, Jamaicany in my dress. Score with this dress ladies, it was only $20 on Amazon and comes in a beautiful array of colours! Get it here, see me in the brown variation in this post.


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