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Spinach is getting harder and harder to come by in Jamaica and I have to wonder why? We aren’t growing enough of it locally? Even the frozen bag that I used to get in bulk that was imported has disappeared from Price Smart’s freezers. I guess there’s been a boom in healthy eating? Anyway with that said, when I do see the precious commodity, especially the locally grown one, I now have to snatch up several bags at once. My friend Chef Lumley advised me that I should probably blanch them and freeze them to lock in nutrients and so I did just that over the weekend.

Some of them leaves were in the boiling water too long! I hope I didn’t lose all my nutrients 🙁 My four bags of spinach wilted right down to maybe one week’s worth, I doubt it will last longer. Here I was thinking I had me a good stash! Anyway, while googling the precise method for blanching, I came across this article that included a recipe. This particular recipe included a good amount of cottage cheese, which made me happy since I discovered my new tub of cottage cheese expires today. 🙁 I need to be more vigilant in checking these things when shopping. So I decided to make the recipe since I had most of the ingredients on hand. I switched out the marinara sauce for roasted tomatoes and I also added broccoli to it to increase the nutrient factor and decrease the amount of pasta I’d be eating. The trick to eating pasta or things like potato salad is to make it chock full of veggies so that the amount of starch you’re eating isn’t as high.

Heading into the oven. I forgot to add the egg so I knew it wouldn’t hold together like a casserole but whatever. It was yummmmmyyyyy! The recipe called for shells or some fillable pasta as the mixture was supposed to be a stuffing but I used whatever I could find in the whole-wheat variety, which in this case turned out to be penne, and tossed it all together. This is my picture from today, second day pasta!

Even munchkin had her a plate and a half. I sent some today with her lunch, it will be interesting to see if she eats it or send it back. It’s different when you’re feeding them as opposed to them feeding themselves but we’ll see. This recipe was quick and easy and gets two thumbs up for a quick and nutritious pasta dish.

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