Chris Gayle celebrates 100 test matches in fine style

Party over heeeeere! It’s about two weeks later and I’m still raving at the awesomeness that was the CG100 event in celebration of Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle’s 100th test match. It was a week long celebration culminating with a party at his home in Chancery Hall, in the hills of St. Andrew where you go to live in lavish luxury when you don’t want to be bothered. And bothered, we were not. The team at Intuit Concepts staged an impeccable event with a never ending supply of delicious delights from Lorraine Fung and a bar that overflowed. I was contracted to write for the Jamaica Observer supplement and Triple Century magazine that went along with the celebrations and so spent a little time with the man at the centre of it all himself and his hardworking team. It was an inspiring week, to say the least, and walking into that house was the icing on the cake. It’s one of those houses you see on that millionaire show on HGTV. It was awesome.

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Thanks to my Instagram family who weighed in and helped me to get my outfit together. Though most people voted for the blazer and I preferred the look myself, I know my tendency to get very hot and sweaty, even all the way up in the hills. It was a party after all with bright lights and alcohol to keep temperatures high and so I went with the beige shoes but nixed the blazer and I was so happy I did because I was on the dance floor for most of the night and it would have just been too much. I swept my hair to the side and went out the door!




The front of the house. From the outside it looks like three stories but it seems there may be a basement as well. There’s a pool and deck at the back with an amaaaaazing view of Kingston.


And then there’s the lower deck that held the dance floor. Chris Gayle has done well for himself and it was a very motivating place to be.


I can’t even tell you what this is. The dress I wore didn’t allow for me to stop at every food station like I would have liked so I kept it cute with some jerk chicken and moseyed on over to check out the rest of the house. This is me in the movie theatre connected to the billiards room.


Yes hunty. Proceeds from the party went to the Chris Gayle Foundation and newly launched Academy. It’s great to see him continuously give back, even with his issues with the government and reported lack of support from them, he continues to be a humble, philanthropic man, proud of his country and upbringing.

Chris Gayle and IrieDiva

Them cricketers know how to party! The dance floor was LIVE from beginning to end and I’m just happy I was able to keep up in my heels! I had a fabulous time working with and celebrating Chris Gayle and cannot wait for the next big milestone to do it all over again.

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