Chris Gayle celebrates 100 test matches! Your invite to the Century Club Party!

Chris Gayle is celebrating his 100th cricket test match which will be played against New Zealand in June and it’s awesome that the match is being played here in Jamaica! This honour is only held by a tiny handful of cricketers and will be a BIG deal with a week-long list of celebratory activities to commemorate yet another Chris Gayle record. There was Brian Lara and Courtney Walsh and now there’s Chris Gayle. For someone who barely follows cricket, these are the names that stand out for me because they’re the ones we hear all the time being associated with records and controversy. I am proud of my schoolmate who’s talent and dedication has brought great honour and glory to himself and his country. Chris Gayle 2013 04

Gayle is a very decorated cricket player with an admirable knack for giving back. In 2012 he started the Chris Gayle Foundation that has supported a slew of foundations and schools like the HEART Foundation and his alma mater Excelsior High and continues to support the rebuilding of the Lucas Cricket Club in Kingston 2 which Gayle was a member of as a young boy. In 2013, Gayle was approached by Cricket for Change in the UK to start an academy that would help to develop young men from disadvantaged communities. He signed on with the caveat that a similar academy would be started in Jamaica, receive similar funding and undertake similar activities. Gayle is proud to unveil the Jamaican leg of the Chris Gayle Academy that currently hosts 20 young men who are already being trained and getting ready for their debut match against their UK counterparts in June.

Would you like to be a part of Gayle’s effort to give back? On June 12,  the week of activities culminates with the Chris Gayle Century Club Party at his home in St. Andrew where the New Zealand Cricket Team, the West Indies Cricket Team, distinguished guests and fans of the sport will celebrate Gayle’s achievements. Proceeds for the event will go to the Chris Gayle Foundation, stay tuned to hear more as the details emerge.

Are you a Chris Gayle superfan? I will be interviewing him for an article in the Jamaica Observer and want to hear your questions! Leave them below and I’ll pose the best ones to him. One lucky cricket fan will win a ticket to the Century Club Party!

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  1. What lifestyle changes did having heart surgery in 2005 prompt you to make and how has it affected you in terms of training, playing and in everyday life?

  2. If Chris ‘Lion’ would love to make Bangalore his home after retiring? P.S : He has Vijay Mallya for company!

  3. Mr.Gayle we do know that your favourite shots are striking big Sixes but we want to know which is your favorite orthodox cricketing shot?

  4. My Girlfriend likes you bcz of your batting style..nd give some batting tips to me so that i can make her to concentrate on me rather than u??

  5. What has it been like playing cricket over the year, all over the world and experiencing so many different culture and how do you adapt to them?

  6. Why is Chris no longer dominating the IPL as in former years with the bat, is it that his eyesight and reflexes are going with age?